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Character Information

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." — Anais Nin


Deed Names:
Ghost Rider on the Storm (Elder)
Ghost Writer (Athro)
Ghost Override (Adren)
Eidolon of the Message (Fostern)
Ghost in the Machine (Cliath)

Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silicon Sentinel
Position: Pack Warder, Master of the Rite
Notable Traits: Mark of the Predator

If anything, Henry Anderson was born a contrast in terms. The son of a renowned Get of Fenris Arhoun and a high society Silicon Sentinel kinfolk mother, Hank's life was destined to be more than mildly complicated. Constantly berated for his 'Weaver-love' by his Get cousins and ever ignored due to his anger-issues by his Silicon Sentinel family, Hank grew up with a keen understanding of what it was to be an outcast.

Family, History, Life

After the advent of his First Change only further challenges awaited the Cub called 'Anonymous' (either due to spite or his affiliation with the same-named hacking organization). Divided firmly between his desire to please his father and his self-admitted affinity with the Weaver side of the Triat, Hank found himself plagued by a desire to delay becoming a formal member of a Tribe for as long as possible.

But the time eventually came and a choice was made. Undergoing his Rite of Passage somewhat unceremoniously, Anonymous returned a full-fledged Glass Walker...with all the benefits and perils that brought with it. Choosing to leave his home-sept rather than endure the jeers and condemnations of his Get of Fenris heritage, the newly-named Ghost-in-the-Machine set out into the world to prove the worth of his name.

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Rumors & Quotes

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"Not all who wander are lost." — J.R.R. Tolkien

Pfddot.png"I could not ask for a better person to stand as the Weaver in my pack. He's smart, focused, brutal, and a damn fine tech nerd. A tech nerd who uses guns that hurt spirits. When you watch him fight, you can understand why the Weaver is feared by the Wyld. I'm glad he's on our side."Keeper-of-Scion
Pfddot.png"Ghost is, quite possibly, the best-named Garou in the Nation. He's a damn fine testament to his heritage...both sides of it."Howl-of-Thunder
Pfddot.png"I cannot even...he's fantastic."Tia Finn
Pfddot.png"My little brother and I are about as close as siblings can be without being twins. Despite the trials he endured at the hands of my Tribe when he made the choice he made, he came out on the other end an honorable and glorious Garou. For that, and for his entirely unconquerable spirit, he will always have my respect."Seiðr’s Sacrifice
Pfddot.png"The Navajo say we always return to our first loves. I believe that Ghost-rhya is a profound embodiment of this sentiment...even if he does not yet recognize it."Secrets Unearthed
Pfddot.png"Our father tried to instill the same distaste and distrust in my brother that he has for choosing the path that he's walked..but I remember the big brother who played with me and Brandt when we were nothing more than pups. Who accepted me and Brandt as his younger siblings, despite having a different mother. Despite only seeing us on occasion, I was still his baby sister, and that means the world to me."Giselle Jager
Pfddot.png"He's a good guy, he talks like he is some sort of mercenary, but I can think of few others I would rather have watching my back."Dr. Emma Bailey

"War is Hell." — William Sherman

Pfddot.pngGot his deed name by physically hiding in a server box and using it to sneak inside Pentex, then killed everyone he ran into on his way out.

Your Name

Player: Joe D.
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silicon Sentinel
Position: Pack Warder
Rank: Elder
Sept: Boar's Chosen
VST: Robert V.

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