Henry Grayson

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Accord PC

Player: Dominique Landreneau
Creature Type: Possessed
Division: None
City: Lake Charles/Lafayette
VST: Allen Aguillard

Le Pac Du Ombre

Character Information


Name: Henry "Hank" Grayson

Creature Type: Possessed

Notable Traits: Cocky, Rich, Could sell ice to an Eskimo

Title or Positon: Le Pac du Ombre Adjunct of Human Resources, Meister

Known Information

A rich entrepreneur and charitable personality in the Lake Charles area. Mostly keeps to himself outside of work, but during office hours he ranges the gamut from "asshole" to relatively "ok to hang around" so long as he's focused on the job.

Henry/Hank has a vision of how things need to be, and his desire for efficiency and drive in every aspect of life denotes the attitude of the power mad hell-thing inside. As time has worn on, the "thing" has gained more ground and grasped tightly to his personality, driving him to accomplish things equally horrific and brilliant for his cell.

He has no patience for weakness, and even less patience for those that stand in the way of what he sees as "necessity" or "the right way". Hank has stated that as superior being everyone else is so far below him that most individuals are lucky if they even register as worth his time or amusement.

His assistant Mr. Phoenix is often not far from him, and between the two of them they possess dangerous amount of social clout that Hank will readily wield like a Gatling-gun if he ever feels the need.


Usually wearing tailored clothes and fine jewelery, all of his finery does however have practicality. The mutli-thousand-dollar diamond studded phone is top of the line and gets a great deal of use, nothing he has is without use, and everything he has is extravagant.


Always willing to take charge of a situation and direct things in the manner he sees fit, whether he's asked to or not. He's a conniver, a strategist and a consummate manipulator. He's charmed and bullied his way to the top of the chain, and he's not going to give it up, it's certain his eye is on the position of Director, but at the moment he seems content with where he's at.

At times he's a good-natured rogue, but those moments are fleeting and often give way to cold calculation. At any moment one can be sure that he's working some angle in the conversation and it's relatively ever a good one for the other party. Though, it's always in the benefit of the Accord...isn't it?


  • His words can hit like a heavy-weight's fist
  • Intoxicating offers
  • Deals
  • Ancient untapped knowledge
  • Facilitation of needs
Barbas, the hellhound that stalks the Twilight near Hank.

---Hank on his Associates---

  • Silent Fang: "Technopup is generally the practical sort, always thinking though, sometimes too much, but he's learned to take the reigns and done a decent enough job of it so far. Also, handily enough he's willing to throw himself on a grenade for the cause. I certainly won't stop him."
  • Ethan Little: "Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but certainly one of the bluntest hammers when you need something hit. He smokes Kools though, philistine."
  • Dr. Anthony Rose: "I've known Rose for perhaps five years now, he's an egghead with ambition, and he can play dirty. That's useful in my line of work."
  • Captian Burt Zimmerman: "I don't trust anyone, and a man that owns a cannon that shoots lightning with day job killing supernaturals out and about with no leash, I don't like. Just keep it pointed away from me and mine and we'll stay cozy."
  • Mr. Phoenix: "Ah Phoenix, an individual I can almost understand, my loyal assistant. I don't know where I'd be without him. We see eye to eye on so much, it's like he's almost a person. It's refreshing to have that around here."
  • Timothy Mills: "Dead I believe. Tim was an associate from way back, we did a few pieces for a local paper once. Well at least I don't have to hear the squeak of the wheelchair anymore."
  • Elizabeth R. Hallow: "Firey. It'll be fun to shake her up and point her in a random direction."
  • Voytek: "Hell of a janitor."
  • Malakel: "Ah, the prodigal son! He plans to end me eventually, but we have so much to do before that fateful day comes. When it does, rest assured child, your great descent will have long since happened and you'll be at my side with those thoughts long gone."
  • Dr. Michael Lanitoris: "Lanitoris and I had a history, I knew him since he was born. I prefer him now that he's dead."
  • Aiden Black: "We are on the same page, you just doubt that we're reading the same book. Check the cover, you'll find that my kind wrote it."
  • Aurora Lundqvist: "My, my, my, what a make-over, a little ripple and some death and someone goes all bad girl. This has left us with some INTERESTING memories indeed."

---Quotes about Hank---

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  • A recent widower he also lost his son in some horrible accident.
  • Hank paid a cell member to remove the "loose ends" in his life when information about his family was dug up.
  • He eats babies
  • He has split personalities
  • Something big, bloody, and evil follows him, lurking in places only few can see.



OOC Information

Player: Dominique Landreneau

MES Number: US2012040088

Location: Lake Charles