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This character has been retired.

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Cameron Wright
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenen


Name: Henry Reuben
Clan: Tremere

  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarailla and as a member of the court of Waterloo, Texas by Prince Jean Durand (07/20/2013)
  • Established by both Age and Blood
  • Stalwart by Primogen Mondragon of Waterloo, TX (09/21/2013)

Title or Position: Whip of Clan Tremere to the Court of Waterloo, TX
Notable Traits: For a member of Clan Tremere he seems awful friendly. He also has been noticed consuming food and drink on occasion.
Lineage: Unknown

Information Known by Kindred Society

1173 – 1525: Appears in 1173 at the Paris Chantry with the surname of Murat. He begins travelling Europe for his research into the vampiric condition and of different ways to adapt Thaumaturgy. It is during this time that he meets Zahra Blanc and reunites with Alaric Lokisson though their paths ever consistently cross and separate.

1525 – 1792: Stays close to Paris, choosing the city as his residency. Begins to filter fully onto the social scene of the city and places his research to the side. During this time he uses his family's title of Vicomte and makes the occasional trip to other courts across France. Eventually the revolution begins to sweep through the country and before the Parisians can get swept fully into it he flees the city and enters into Torpor. During this time he attended both the Conclave of 1595 in Cannes, France where he was part of the retaliatory attack against the Sabbat and the Conclave of 1660 in Venice.

1848: Henry wakes from Torpor and travels to the Americas.

1892 – 1901: Travels the world in a reverse of Jules Verne and proceeds to delve into a mixture of Archaeology and Kindred Research with another Tremere going by the name “Rabbit”.

1901 - 1930: Begin travelling the US, visiting different chantries while working to compile his research and investigate the possibility of early Kindred in the Americas.

1930 – 1955: Called to Baton Rouge Louisiana as an aide and adviser to Gabriel Tavaasche whom he had met and provided his services to in the past. While there he meets another past acquaintance Maria Aigner. The two develop a working relationship that serves both well. During the Depression he met with a neonate of Clan Ventrue, Julia Hamby, and assisted her with organizing programs to put people back to work and attempt to return life to what it once was. In late 1949 he departs suddenly for France and is there for the better part of a year before returning.

1955 – 1961: Leaves Louisiana and proceeds to the American South West to pick up where he left off. After becoming frustrated at the lack of results he compiles all of his notes together based on subject and begins putting them together in books when he gets word to relocate to Colorado Springs by the order of the clan.

1961 – 1991: Arrives in Colorado Springs in late 1961 and settles into the city. Shortly after his arrival to the city he forms a working relationship with Arthur Stanford of Clan Malkavian. In 1986 Henry had his fortune told to him through a palm reading administered by Sonya Boswell who was simply passing through at the time. What was said had some effect on him for the next several months. In 1991 he leaves the city for a prolonged trip once more to Louisiana to aide in the Siege of Baton Rouge.

1991 - 1993: Siege of Baton Rouge. Henry aides by locating and targeting mortal influences that the Anarchs have control over.

1993 - 2013: Henry returns to Colorado Springs in 1993 only to find a Sabbat Crusade against the city. He survives the siege and finds himself left holding the title of Primogen.

2013 - Present: In July of 2013 however he moved from Colorado on orders from his clan to Austin, TX and integrates himself into the city just in time for the Prince's Symposium of August 2013.

Information Known Only by Tremere

Rank: Regent of the Second Circle of Mysteries

House: None

Associates and Acquaintances Through The Ages


  • Henry is the thing that goes bump in the night. Beware his friendly face.
  • Henry Reuben is secretly an Assamite Sorcerer.


  • "Henry is like a breath of fresh air! Odd, that he is a Tremere. He doesn't strike me as one." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Reuben. He is likely the friendliest Tremere you are to meet. He loves secrets, feel free to share some." - Mr. Chen
  • "Mr. Rueben is a charming man. Destiny has great things in store for him in the future." - Sonya Boswell
  • "Mr. Rueben is a dedicated and loyal member of the Ivory Tower." - Dion Mondragon
  • "There's something that almost approaches Southern gentility about Mr. Henry. I have found his opinions are never off the mark. Kindred of Waterloo would do well to listen when he speaks. He is not all that he appears. I like depth of character. It's so refreshing." -Miss Maggie
  • "Mr. Rueben and I worked quite well together in the past, and he is quite the gentleman. I do hope we get the chance to do so again one day." - Julia Hamby
  • "Reuban? I understand that is a tasty Kine sandwich. Oh, Mr. Henry Reuban. Sorry about that. Things often come to my mind in order of priority." - Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "Mr. Rueben can always be depended on to see things in the proper light, and to strive to make them what they should be." - Zahra Blanc


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The Unsung War - Keiki Kobayashi

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