Henry Roke Cooper

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Orlando, FL
Player: Mike Mershon
Storyteller: Keith MacArthur
  • Sire: The woman I killed, the Man I Scared, The Dog that follows me....
  • Notable Traits: Knight of the Moon
  • Titles: Ancilla, Keeper of Elysium for the Domain of Orlando, Lesser Harpy Under Master Harpy Ted Jäger
  • Status: Acknowledged, Abiding - Confirmed, Enforcer, Guardian


General Info

  • Served as a Police Detective in the 1950's and 60's
  • Busted a cult run by a group of monsters with the power to shape flesh in 1967
  • Embraced by a unknown Kindred in 1970
  • From early kindred existence known as a fanatical believer of the Camarilla
  • Known to actively hunt any creature that would endanger the Ivory Tower
  • Became known as an Ancilla in 2002


  • Great Great Great Great Grand Sire: Mellendis
  • Grand Sire: Unknown
  • Sire: Only Fleeting Images, Strange Dreams, No True Face

Known Childer

None - But willing to embraced a good PC - Email me if interested

Known Grand-childer

None - But willing to be a Grand-Sire to a good PC - Email me if interested



PC Ties

OOC Information

Player: Mike Mershon US2002021405

Location: Orlando, FL - Domain / Cape Canaveral - Home