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Henry is in his middle years and built like a blacksmith, of only average height but easily three feet across at the shoulders with thickly muscled arms and a barrel chest. Tiny pockmark scars on his arms attest to his time spent at the forge, their skin more pale than the tan that the rest of him has developed from hours spent in the sun, though he’s often still tinged with reddish tones – he probably still burns easily in the sun.

Thick black eyebrows are the only hair on his head, with grey eyes and a lantern jaw complete the image of a handful of Fianna ancestors and heroes. (Pure Breed 4) Henry is often seen in tee shirts with the names of Punk Rock bands on them, a leather vest with a number of pockets, and blue jeans with hiking boots. A small, lumpy leather pouch with a turquoise stone dangling from the front is always on his person.


Henry is an exercise in contrasts – he isn’t known to be part of any pack and has answered to wishing to remain unbiased if called upon to judge any of his peers for his reasons in not joining one. A father of six, his ‘stern’ face is often enough to cause the Garou around him to blanch and stop whatever they were doing, but anyone who knows him knows that he prefers to smile. The smile is a polite one – there’s a distance to Papa Farwalker with most of his Sept-mates, like being held emotionally at arm’s length - probably related to his desire to remain unbiased. Six children and being a single parent has meant developing an unusual amount of patience and a wicked, if secretive sense of humor. Many compare him to the Alpha, and indeed they have similar personality traits, though Henry is far more talkative, sociable, and even approachable than the Elder.


Henry grew up in the Sept of the South Wind. For many years the Ward family was the only example of non-Pure Tribe members of the Sept, a compromise made a hundred and fifty years ago to divert war with outside Garou – no Garou who has resided in the Sept historically hasn’t heard of Papa Farwalker, even if they arrived while he was on his walkabout.

Owen Eagle's Cry apparently failed in his attempt to use the Baptism of Fire on Henry when he was born – he claimed Henry to be Kin or human, with no chance of changing. Consequently, Henry grew up in a society that attempted to persuade him to believe that he was worse than useless, a Kin of a Wyrmcomer Tribe, fit only to breed more Wyrmcomers and to take up space better occupied by Natives. A burden, without relief for the Sept. When his father, Aiden Michael Ward “Crushing Blows” (Adren, Ahroun, Fianna, Homid) died under mysterious circumstances, the mantle of ‘the Ward’ passed to him, and a suitable mate was arranged to produce the next generation and maintain the compromise embodied in his familial line. He settled down to the forge he’d shared with his father and determined to prove that he was anything but a useless burden. Indeed, he began to prove that he was capable of fashioning suitable weapons for being made into fetishes, even working with the silver to make a Klaive if desired.

Ten years into his marriage and six children later, tragedy struck. A Wendigo of the Sept taunted Henry about his father’s death, intimating their own responsibility in it, provoking Henry into returning the insult. The Wendigo lost control, frenzied, and came at Henry. His wife, Oonagh attempted to intervene with a silver dagger in hand and died beneath the Wendigo’s furious teeth. Indeed, the situation worsened when the Wendigo began to consume her flesh, though whether the man had entered Thrall of the Wyrm or was simply indulging the frozen cannibal spirit patron of his Tribe was not revealed.

Henry first changed and nearly killed the surprised Wendigo who had spent himself in the initial burst of killing Oonagh. Since that moment, Henry has distinguished himself, and traveled the world to learn more about the history of the Nation than nearly any other Garou in the Sept. He has learned the laws and ways, and the many permutations, thoughts, and views on the Litany of a number of places, and returned to strengthen the Sept. His family was ejected during the tragedy that killed the Elder Council, but Henry returned against their orders and was instrumental in preserving the Kinfolk of the Caern, taking a battle scar from a pack of Bane spirits that he held at bay, alone. He was made Athro and accepted as a Sept officer, much to the chagrin of Dr. Waquahboshkuk, whose father forced his first change so long ago.

Slander and Calumny


  • "Gaia has truly...blessed me. Yes. To have three Trueborn children. Did you know that two of them were Ragabash? Oh you do, good. Did you happen to notice that they're twins, in the bargain? I am so *very* blessed." - Henry Ward


  • Because of his personal devotion to the Fianna Totem, Brigid, there hasn't been a weaponsmith of this much skill in the Fianna Tribe in a generation or more.

Statistically Speaking

Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid
Pack: Packless
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••••• ••••
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Player: K. Cole
Storyteller: Sept NPC