Hibba Qaderi

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Notable Traits
Short, Middle Eastern,
Speaks very quietly.
Eyes that are ringed in frost
Wears a black hijab, which is stitched to her face.
Has an aura of cold around her.

Paladin Hibba Qaderi

Bloodline: Unknown
Sire: Ragnar Bjornson

Formal: Hibba Qaderi, Prince of Atlanta, Lord Worm of Atlanta
Informal: Prince Qaderi
Familiar: Prince Hibba
Intimate: Hibba

Information Known to Kindred Society:

The little Paladin is known to have been tied to Prince Asher Al-Khalid for some time, but only recently re-emerged into the perilous waters of Kindred Society. She claims that her absence was from self imposed seclusion for prayer, fasting, and study.

Paladin Qaderi rarely raises her voice, speaking in a detached whisper to all she encounters. She is weary of physical contact, and has offended more than one member of the First Estate for her refusal to allow her hand to be kissed or shook. She has been known to initiate physical contact during her duties as confessor.

Within a year of settling in Atlanta, the Paladin rose up the ranks from Scourge, to Seneschal, to Prince.



  • Hibba has a ghost following her around.
  • This soft spoken Nosferatu has a surprising cruel streak.
  • Hibba is the spiritual adviser to the Alder Prince Asher Al-Khalid
  • Hibba's loyalty to the Lancea Sanctum is lower than her loyalty to her prince.
  • The only reason that Hibba is serving Al-Khalid is to further her covenant's goals.
  • The Paladin has is heavily indebted to a freakish Deava within Columbus.
  • Hibba is seeking to divide House Loris, starting with the youngest members first.
  • The stitching that holds the hijab to Hibba's face is actually "cat gut" cording made from the child her body aborted during Embrace.
  • The hijab on Hibba's face was sewn on before her embrace, as punishment for being too vain.
  • Prince Qaderi's praxis seizure was bloodless. Due to her lack of social aptitude, obviously this was due to fear of what she could do.
  • Prince Qaderi quickly became a staunch supporter of the Warlord of the SouthEast...
  • ...This is because the Warlord has bloodbound her, and is using her has a puppet to control Atlanta.

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"Hibba has an utter, ruthless devotion. That is something to be respected. You won't live long, otherwise." -Corey Blaire

"Brother Wyrm, sometime we should try to make conversation with the others, and I can show you that interrogation isn't always the best way to gain information."- to Boris Koslov

"My son, you have committed mortal sins, but sinned against your Damnation you have not. I will continue to take your confessions, but in an effort to show you that you are indeed Damned." - to a Deava giving a "good Catholic" confession.

"She is what I pray all kindred who dwell within cities would aspire to. She has not let her fangs become dull with the trappings of relaxation." - Angelos Travers

"Sister Qaderi is... intense. Some might question her loyalties, but only a fool would question her faith. I pity any who would." - Reverend Culpepper

"A God that employs her in his service is probably a God ya don't wanna piss off. Just sayin', mate." - Joey Dagger

"Prince Qaderi has proven time and again to be the sane one in the face of foolishness. Her even response is a testament to her wisdom. I'm honored to be a part of her court." ~ Cora Richtersdottir

"She's nothing to fear, Kate, at least not to us. To stupid children, perhaps, or anyone trying to benefit themselves at our Duke's expense. She's dangerous, surely, lethally so, but her faith binds her actions as surely as The Goal binds ours." -- Miss Hayden Sinclair, to her broodmate in a drowsy chat before a bright summer dawn.

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Allies and Enemies
Alder Duke Asher Al-Khalid – Former Liege- 'In Torpor'
Archon Boris Koslov - Fellow Nosferatu and of a similar mindset
Angelos Travers - Fellow Sanctified

Songs and Inspiration

Immigraniada-Gogol Bordello

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