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Awakening PC

Player: Ben Schwaighofer
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium •••
City: Fort Worth, Tx
VST: Matthew Maddoux

Known Alias:

Character Description

Higgs is a relatively tall and lanky fellow, with a runner's build and a generally casual academic look. His curly brown hair has grown long, and green eyes peer from behind thick glasses. His attire is typically casual, although he'll often forget to remove his lab coat before going out. Often you will find him either with his nose buried in some book, or with his mind obviously miles away, or further, until and unless a situation either requires his attention or piques his interest.


Colored points of light fade into being around him, whirling and colliding and joining and exploding in ways that seem utterly chaotic, but tease at some underlying pattern that cannot quite be grasped.

Character History


Looking For

  • Mysterium Allies
  • Mages interested in Outer Space Studies