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Viking Warrior Princess

Hilde is unmistakably Scandinavian. She is tall and blonde with blue eyes the color of frozen ice. She is as stunning in her ferocity as she is magnificent in her brutality. Anyone in her presence can almost feel the vibrations of bloodlust and anger coursing through her when she is in a mood. However, there is another side of Hilde. She laughs loudly and freely (especially when the jokes are ribald), and is loyal to those she cares for until the cold, bitter end. When that end comes, she’ll likely be wielding her favored weapon –a one-handed war hammer fashioned after the ones invented in the 15th century.

"A cleaved head no longer plots" - Norse Proverb



First Daughter of Blizzard's Bite

When Hilde’s father, Skarild “Blizzard’s Bite” Rekkstrum Jarl of the Hov of the Midnight Sky, looked up the night she was born, the full moon made him smile. Spring would bring him a new beginning—and his first child—in the form of a warrior. He envisioned battles fought together, reminded himself of the lessons he would teach and struggled between choosing Birgir or Bjørn for his boy’s name. Though she came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, and while the stars of Odin were in Gladsheim (and the seer revealed Uruz), it was not enough to prevent Skarild’s disappointment. He could love many daughters. He could love this daughter. He had just wanted his first child to be a son.

This pulled at an already strained marriage. Berit, an Ætling renown for her fair loveliness and as his wife, knew what was in store for her daughter. She named the girl Hilde not for the physical battles she would encounter, but for the emotional ones. Berit knew this as her marriage crumbled under the weight of Skarild’s disappointment. She knew this as Skarild’s eyes drifted to another and her own heart was pulled elsewhere.

Get of Fenris

Father: Skarild Rekkstrum
Mother: Berit Rekkstrum
Siblings: Fride Rekkstrum

Less than a year later, Hilde had a sister, Fride, birthed by Skarild’s second wife and who reflected the dark hair and eyes of her Sami mother. Despite being raised together, the two girls had little in common. Fride had always been thoughtful whereas Hilde answered everything with violence. What they did share, though, was their father’s disappointment. The Gods never blessed him with a boy.

Skarild’s frustration compounded further when the girls would not (or could not, he feared) change. The garou expected leadership to follow family lines, but no matter what anyone put them through, they would not change. It wasn’t until recently, while the girls were attending college in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (a place their father had sent them as both a punishment and in the hope they’d find some way to contribute to the Hov when they returned with their degrees), that circumstance and the nuclear meltdown only siblings can inspire instigated their First Change.

Now Hilde intends to fill her father’s shoes, eschewing books in favor of blood, while carrying the largest chip of ice Norway has ever produced against any man who thinks himself braver or more capable in battle by virtue of his gender than her.

"Let me but have a weapon, I think I could fight better than any of you." - Freydís Eiríksdóttir

Apocalypse PC

Player: Rachel Geist
Character: Hilde Rekkstrum
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Pure Breed: •••••
Camp: Coming Soon
Pack: Coming Soon
Position: none
Rank: Cub
VST: Jennifer Anderson




Sept of the Golden Door, Puerto Rico:

  • Serena Argyris - Serena welcomed my sister and me when we were strangers in Puerto Rico. She's earned our appreciation for that.

Everybody Else:

  • Veins of History - While he has taught me a number of strategies and tactics, my favorite lesson was when he told me to punch him in the face as hard as I could.


...feel free to add quotes...

  • "Hilde is possibly the most unruly, stubborn, and angry person I have ever met. I don't know how many fistfights, hangovers, broken teeth, broken bones, car accidents, puncture wounds, bite marks, burns, falls, poisonings, explosions, and stampedes I suffered trying to get this girl and my niece to change. It was hell. I loved every minute of it." - Loki-Laughs-Last
  • "Alright folks. I need Name, Rank, scouting abilities, and serial numbers." Plays With Fire
    • "Hilde Rekkstrum, Daughter of Blizzard's Bite. Cub of extraordinary potential. Abilities to be quick and athletic while super stealthy. Serial Number B-A-D-A-S-S." Hilde Rekkstrum
  • "Her pride in her lineage and the need to prove herself that it engenders is absolute. This causes her to disrespect the Litany, disregard common sense, and dismiss without consideration anyone who doesn't conform to her exceedingly narrow, sheltered view of what is worthy. I don't think that she's even close to ready for her Rite of Passage - not because she's not skilled, because she is - but because she doesn't have a vital quality shared by every Garou who has earned my respect: the ability to know when it's not all about you. If ever she figures that out, I've got no doubt that the heavens themselves will shake with her deeds, but until then, she's just a mouthy kid." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "A warhammer is a fine tool, but it is a tool. A crutch. A weakness. Come at me again, young one, but this time show me strength." - Veins of History
  • "Viking Cub may only set fires for the joy of it, but a forest needs to burn for growth to come. I think she is a Cliath now. I look forward to hearing tales of her rite of passage." - Red Rain
  • "Wingless Valkyrie is full of yang and fire and chaos. When she learns wisdom, she will ascend the plateau of scars, and claim her Kingdom." - Kami Sighs
  • "Prideful, rebellious, headstrong. She reminds me of me when I was a cub. One day, she'll come up against her own Frostblight and be reborn with the wings she's earned." - Tundra Stalker
  • "You have skill... its raw, but its there.  You need experience, and most of all, knowing when you should wade into battle and when you should use caution. I don't want you to die in glorious battle... not yet anyway. I want you to live to old age, to birth many Fenrir children, and to tell glorious tales of your many victories. I too believe that I will die with my teeth clutching the throat of the Wyrm. But you should WANT to live, because dead Ahroun don't earn Glory and Honor." - He Who Shines the Way
  • "She has spirit. I hope it doesn't get broken, I look forward to seeing what she brings to the Nation." - Raging Mother


...feel free to add rumors...

  • Has been a cub for years because she refuses to follow one tenet of the Litany.



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  • Mentors
  • Family (Norwegian or of Norwegian descent)
  • College Friends (Puerto Rico & the US)
  • Pre-Change ties (b.1992-2014)

Player: Rachel Geist

MES Number: US2005063548

Other PCs: Cora Kirkwood, Juniper, Clé deMontes