Hiro Protagonist

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Awakening PC

Player: Wes Contreras
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council ••
Consilium: La Perla del Sur
City: Ponce, PR
VST: Bonnie Day


Birth Name: Unknown

Shadow Name: Hiro Protagonist

Sleeper Alias: Unknown

Offices: None

Sarcastic Quote: My ignorance? Couldn't possibly be a simple misunderstanding, or that you suck at writing (or signing your emails), or any of the other dozens of reasons an email might be perceived differently than it was intended. It's gotta be my personal ignorance. Because otherwise you couldn't skip straight to unjustified insults like a jackass.


  • 2013 - Appeared in Ponce and joined the Consilium, talking only vaguely about fighting Seers when asked about his history.


Character Description

Generally casual in jeans and a modern t-shirt, like what you'd order from ThinkGeek.


Faint electronic tracers overlay objects in the vicinity, as if glimpsing some reality where they're just 3D modeled images in a computer system.

Looking For

  • Opportunities to prosecute the war against the Seers and kick some more ass
  • Interesting magic items, artifacts, grimoires, or other potential tools in the war


  • His personal history was erased from the timestream, which is why he can't remember his past.