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Time Line

  • January 20, 1665 Marguerite Baird was born to Francois and Annaleise Baird of Bourbon France. Eldest of two daughters.
  • June 14, 1680 - 1687 Marguerite is married off to a minor French Noble, she bares him 4 children. He takes on another lover, ignoring her.
  • 1687 Marguerite is embraced by Jacques, now known as California Jack Thorne. She is joined by her sister Gabriella and a Broodmate, James Thorne. She adopts the name Annaliese Kingsley.
  • 1725 Alonzo was embraced in Paris France.
  • 1687 to 1800 gallivanting around France and the French courts with visit to the New World French Colonies. Family leaves France for America permenantly.
  • 1840 Settles in Fort Rutherford just outside Savannah, marries a Plantation owner and names herself Lilly Belle Stafford.
  • 1860 Sterling Thorne is embraced in Monaco
  • 1862 Husband is murdered during Civil War and Plantation burned to the ground. Captured by Sherman, Lilly is taken to go North. California Jack and James rescue her and drag her west.
  • 1877 Lilly Belle embraces Reynold Garsdale
  • 2015 Johnston Ramsay Forbes Died.