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Known to Awakened Society

Birth Name: Guillaume "Guy" Lucas
Shadow Name: Hitter
Sleeper Alias:

Character Description

  • GIANT (7' 6", 450 lbs.). He is a mountain of muscle clearly though years of training and working. He moves with a grace that is unexpected in a guy his size.

Brief Background


  • A relentless, burning white light with the smell of ozone.

Friends and Enemies

  • Zou - "She's pretty outstanding... always vibrant and energetic, eager to help in a non-violent way. Her laughter is infectious. She's utterly worth protecting. I've got her back."
  • Caprice - "Great friend with spectacular hair... like a sailor on pixie stix. Let me crash with her and Zou until I got a place. Good heart."
  • Xavier Bastion - "A really 'get it done' type of guy. I like him and could easily take orders from him."


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From him ...

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About him ...

  • "He's got my back. I've got his back. At least the parts of his back I can actually reach. It's a huge back." - Zou
  • "Ice cream and a sense of humor. What more can I say? Oh, you mean the muscles? Those too." - Isnana
  • "That Zou is a lucky girl!" Hypatia
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OOC Character Information

Awakening PC

Player: Stephan Kelly
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Perfected Adepts
Position: Sentinel
Consilium: None Yet
City: Avignon, France
Cabal: Le Maquis
VST: Hilary


OOC Knowledge unless approved from player
  • Born March 15th, 1982 Carpentras France to a father in the French Marines. His mother died during child birth given Guy’s large size. His childhood was a bit tragic in that his father was rarely around given his duty to the French Marines, so Guy spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who sold truffles in Carpentras.

  • 1991 – Guy has his first of many altercations. Given his large size he was frequently made fun of both in and out of school and the kids would gang up on him. When he eventually fought back, it was with such strength that it would gravely injure the assailant. This did not earn him any friends and isolated him even more in his schooling as well as when his father returned from overseas.

  • 2000 – Guy has his first arrest as an adult. He is given the option of enlisting in the French Army which he immediately accepts. After a year he becomes one of the Alpine Hunters, elite mountain infantry. He takes to any physical training like a fish to water, gaining size, strength and endurance quite quickly.

  • 2012 – Toward the end of his third tour, he gets word that his father died in the line of duty. This sends Guy into a downward spiral of drinking and violence. He chooses not to take a fourth tour and accepts his honorable discharge before it becomes anything worse. He spends the next few months trying to find himself a job and ending up on the more seedy side of the law, given his size, strength, fighting skills and wrath. He ends up taking a few odd jobs here and there with the criminal element as a Hitter.

  • 2015 – He has developed a mediocre reputation as a Martial Artist (aka a hitter for the criminal element) over the last three years and some small time status, but this comes with a price. He was targeted for assassination and after three attempts, those criminal bosses that wanted him out of the picture finally believe they succeeded. The guys they hired took Guy up into the mountains, stripped him, beat him and then gave him a gut wound to let him bleed out. Then they left him.

Guy didn’t bleed out. He did what he’s always done. Soldier on. He had never been a religious person, though he was brought up to know Christianity. That moment, though, when his life hung on a thread, he swore to God that he would visit vengeance upon those that did this to him. God answered. Or at least Guy thought it was God. He saw a golden light and followed it through the wilds into a place where he knew he knew nothing about, but was somehow connected to. He learned to navigate until he found a place to scribe his name, which he did.

He awoke in a small cabin in the woods, an old, retired ski patroller found him and brought him back from the brink of death.


Looking For

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OOC Player Information

Player: Stephan Kelly

MES Number: US2006067970

Location: Bolingbrook, IL

OOC Disclaimer

All information on this wiki is considered OOC unless you've learned it in game, or it is explicitly specified that the information is IC.
This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.