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Blood in the Water

The air is warm.
The moon is beautiful.
And mysterious creatures prowl the night while we all pretend to sleep.

Welcome to Hawaii.

The Court

The Ivory Tower

Prince Nicolas DuChamp, Clan Ventrue

Seneschal Miguel de Barcelona, Clan Tremere

Master Harpy Darren Kennedy, Clan Toreador

Sheriff Mandragora Cross, Clan Nosferatu

Keeper of Elysium Markus Abbadon, Clan Brujah

Scourge Sean, Clan Nosferatu

Primogen Council

Clan Brujah, Marcus Abbadon
Clan Gangrel, Blaine Winchester
Clan Malkavian, Jacob Winters
Clan Nosferatu, Mandragora Cross
Clan Toreador, K-Dawg
Clan Tremere, Harold Goldman
Clan Ventrue, Charles Alexander Whiteman

Known Residents

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Frequent Visitors

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(The Honolulu Territories Map can be viewed here.)


[VOID Villa Vizcaya]

Clan Domain Grants

Brujah - Honolulu
Gangrel - Honolulu
Malkavian - Honolulu
Nosferatu - Honolulu
Toreador - Between Punchbowl Street, the H1, and the Berths centered around HPU and Chinatown.
Tremere - Honolulu
Ventrue - Honolulu

Other Locations

The Rack of Waikiki - This rack is open for all Camarilla Kindred in good standing.

Anarch Territories - North Shore, Waialua '

**City residents of the Ivory Tower have taken to calling this territory the "Anarch Territory".

New Arrivals

March 26th: An old-comer and a new-comer have arrived in Honolulu; Mr. Charles Alexander Whiteman and Mr. Johnathon Byron of Clan Ventrue. May they strengthen the domain.

March 12th: The domain welcomes a new member to the Clan of Seers, Mr. Jacob Winters, who has had the good fortune of being sworn in as Primogen by his clanmates.

Febuary 27th: The Camarilla domain welcomes two Anarch envoys from Kaneohe; Damien Ice and Ken Ice. Also, a Caitiff.

The Harpy Report

Link to the Harpy Report

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The position of Harpy is "cursed"! Everyone who has held the position has quickly been removed, forced out, killed, or left the city... good luck.

I. As of this day and all those from this day hence, No kindred not having reached the esteemed age of Elder by the standards of Camarilla society shall approach his Highness without first seeking an audience with the Seneschal through the rightfully appointed Primogen of their Clan. Those members of the Camarilla in good standing who lack a Primogen, such as members of the non-pillar clans or those who have no Confirmed Kindred amongst their ranks , may petition the Primogen of another Clan to speak on their behalf.

II. As of this day and all those from this day hence, no Clan shall hold a seat on the Primogen council unless a Confirmed member of that Clan is amongst their ranks within the City. Therefore, until further specified by his highness, The Clan Gangrel is hereby stripped of their seat on the Primogen Council.

III. As of this day and all those from this day hence, the use of mind clouding abilities, such as Obfuscate, at Kindred gatherings where officers of the court are in attendance is strictly forbidden. These disciplines shall neither be used to hide oneself from the sight of others nor to take on the appearance of other Kindred. Kindred may however use such abilities to take on a more mundane or pleasant appearance in order to avoid breaking the Masquerade.

IV. As of this day and all those from this day hence, the impersonation of any member of His Highness's' court either through mundane means or the use of disciplines, without express permission from His Highness or his Seneschal, shall be considered a most grievous crime and violations of such will be punished severely.

V. As of this day and all those from this day hence, the Primogen of each Clan shall be held accountable for the actions of their Clanmates . Primogen are given wide latitude in dealing with the members of their Clans and are expected to be leaders and exemplary members of Kindred Society. Therefore, failings of those under their charge and of those they represent shall be seen as failures of leadership on their part.

VI. As of this day and all those from this day hence, it is to be recognized that the words of the Seneschal is the will of the Prince. Until such time as the Prince sees fit to relieve his Seneschal and place another in that most trusted position, failure to obey the Commands of the Seneschal shall be considered a failure to obey the Commands of the Prince, unless directly countermanded by the words of His Highness himself.

VII. As of this day and all those from this day hence, let it be known that the territories and boundaries within the Domain of Honolulu which have previously been established by the former Gangrel Prince are not recognized by His Highness Prince DuChamp. However, Our Prince recognizes the need for order and stability, and so the Eldest member of each Clan present within the Domain may petition His Highness for the right of territory. Those granted such territories may divide them further as they see fit, but shall remain responsible for such and shall be expected to keep His Highness' Law and meet out Justice in His Highness' name.

VIII. As of this day and all those from this day hence, let it be known that all those formerly serving under the court of the former Gangrel Prince have been dismissed from their service, though in his great wisdom, those who were particularly adroit in their duties have been recalled to serve once again. As such, His Highness has appointed Elder Miguel de Barcelona of the Tremere to serve as Senechal, Elder Mandragora Cross of the Nosferatu shall serve as Sheriff, Marcus Abaddon of the Brujah has been given the honor of serving as Keeper of the sacred Elysium, and the Nosferatu Sean McCantire shall once again serve as the Dread Scourge of Honolulu.

IX. As of this day and all days from this day hence, caitiffs, outcast and other undesirables shall not be permitted to attend court in the presence of their betters without being explicitly accompanied by a member of a Pillar Clan of the Camarilla who shall be held responsible and accountable for the actions of such wretches. Those caitiffs, outcast, and undesirables who do not find themselves under such protection shall find themselves under the purview of the Scourge, who is henceforth tasked with the destruction of such wretched and vile creatures.

X. As of this day and all days from this day hence, let it be known that Prince DuChamp has always been and shall ever remain a staunch protector of the Traditions and the edicts of the Justicariate. Those who are found guilty of heresy, sedition, willful defiance of one's Elders, and rebellion shall be put to the final death, for we must be ever vigilant against such threats and only by our quick and decisive action to remove such dangers shall the Ivory Tower remain strong and free from corruption, forever may she stand.

XII. As of this day, and all days from this day hence, all kindred, when addressing the Prince or his Seneschal, the agents of their Graces or their Graces themselves either in person, in written communications, or via electronic machines shall do so in a proper and formal dialect of the English language. Elders, who may, if unable to comply due to lack of linguistic proficiency employ a translator to translate on their behalf.

XIII. As of this day, and all days from this day hence, all Kindred proficient in the vile art of Necromancy seeking acknowledgment, permanent or temporary, or who have previously been granted acknowledgment, must register this knowledge with the Tremere Primogen so that they may seek to be sanctioned. Such dangerous knowledge possesses a great threat to our domain if left unchecked.

XIV. As of this day, and all days from this day hence, all kindred within this domain shall remember that Humanitas is a core goal of the Camarilla. Therefore mortal servants and mortals who are fortunate and trusted enough to be allowed to remain within the presence of the Prince and his Court are not to be cruelly tortured, either physically or mentally, or otherwise dehumanized in the sight of ones peers.

Blood in the Water C/A VSS

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Games are held every other Saturday of every month. Check in begins at 6:30pm, with game on at 7pm.

Our game site is located at a private residence in Mililani.
Visiting players should email the VST and RSVP their attendance to be given the address.