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- Honolulu, HI
Honolulu Night.jpeg

A City Reborn

The various islands of Hawaii are a tropical dream. The streets are bursting with new tourists every night. Honolulu is a very diverse City with a rich history filled with intrigue and mystery. The first Kindred of the islands were members of the Circle of the Crone, worshipping the ancient Hawaiian gods and lording over the Kine. The old Kingdom of Oahu was once ruled by the most ancient Ali’i in all of the Hawaiian Islands. The first great king of Oahu was Mailikukahi, the lawmaker, who was followed by many generation of monarchs. Kualii was the first of the warlike kings and his sons followed his path. In 1773, the throne fell upon Kahahana, the son of Elani of Ewa. In 1783 Kahekili II, King of Maui, conquered Oahu and deposed the reigning family and then made his son Kakanikupule king of Oahu. Kamehameha the Great would conquer in the mountain Kalanikupule's force in the battle of Nu’uanu. Kamehameha founded the Kingdom of Hawai’i with the conquest of Oahu in 1795. Hawai’i would not be unified until the islands of Kaua’I and Ni’ihau surrendered under King Kaumualii in 1810. Kamehameha III moved his capital from Lahaina, on Maui to Honolulu, Oahu in 1845. Iolani Palace, built later by other members of the royal family, is still standing, and is the only royal palace on American soil. Oahu was apparently the first of the Hawaiian Islands sighted by the crew of HMS Resolution on 18 January 1778 during Captain James Cook’s third Pacific expedition. Escorted by HMS Discovery, the expedition was surprised to find high islands this far north in the central Pacific. This was when the first Invictus Kindred came to the Islands.

Declarations from The Prince

Visitors and Locals to the Court of Honolulu, Here are the Rules of Elysium laid down.

1. No Kindred shall violate the safety and sanctity of another while on the hallowed grounds of Elysium. Ghouls and retainers are not protected under this Tradition.

2. The Prince is the sole judge of those that transgress against this Tradition, and exclusively reserves the right of deciding punishment.


  • All visiting Kindred must present themselves to the Prince within three nights prior to their arrival in this Domain.
  • Hunting and feeding are strictly forbidden within three city blocks of Elysium.

Governmental Structure

Aloha Tower.jpeg
  • Prince of Honolulu: Hans Penzer of the Carthian Movement
    • Seneschal: Duke Marcos of the Invictus
    • Prince's Harpy: Erik Winters of the Invictus
      • Priscus Harpy: Drake Alan Baxter III of the Invictus
      • Sheriff: Hilda Penzer of the Carthian Movement
      • Master of Elysium: Vacant
      • Prince's Harold: Lady Hotaru of the Invictus
      • Hound: Lord Masterson of the Invictus

Primogen Council

  • Invictus Primogen: Erik Winters
  • Carthian Primogen: Hilda Penzer
  • Circle of the Crone Primogen: Vancant
  • Ordo Dracul Primogen: Vacant
  • Lancea Sanctum Primogen: Vacant

Clan Heads


[OOC - This section is for the harpies and prince of the city to reflect accurate status within' the domain. Please do not modify unless you are one of those individuals. This section is constantly being filled, so it may not be completely up to date. Modified Status points are listed in parenthesis next to each city member, taking into account ascendancy/eminence. Also the names that do not have links set up for them are NPCs]

Admired (Status •••••)

Respected (Status ••••)

Valued (Status •••)

Recognized (Status ••)

Acknowledged (Status •)



Inactivity(Presumed Left Island, Fled in fear or met true death mysteriously):


Recently Deceased


(Please list your self. It is hard to keep track of)

Status Changes

  • Recent Status Changes and Why:

Status Actions for the Month of June Hans Penzer, Prince of Honolulu (6 status Points)

Erik Winters, Speaker for the Prince (5 Status Points)

Hilda Penzer, Speaker for the Priscus Council (5 Status Points)

Clan Eminence and Covenant Ascendency

Last Update: 2/01/2014

[OOC -NPCs and Secondaries don't count for Ascendancy or Eminence. Rules of Ascendancy and Eminence are on page 290 of the MET: Requiem book.]

Eminent Clan / Rival Clan: Deava/Ventrue

  • Current Eminence Benefit: Clan Daeva: Daeva almost never fail to get invitations to the most exclusive parties, and as a matter of course, eminent Daeva are automatically welcome at any social occasion — either mortal or undead — that they wish to attend. Sometimes the most useful invitations, however, are to the sorts of soirees where emotions run high, intoxicants fl ow freely and no one is likely to notice a bit of indiscretion in a dark corner. If the Daeva are eminent, Succubi are never considered without a ready source of blood in their home city and require no tests to hunt to full capacity during downtime. Unless a Daeva character is under particular pressure, she begins a session of play with her full capacity of Vitae.

One game session per month, a player of a Daeva character may also send her character out of play for a full hour and return with her maximum capacity of Vitae. The character must not be followed or otherwise molested for this effect to function and the player must stay out of the game for a full hour. (MET-R Pg. 293)

  • City Status Bonus: 5-9 Active Members + 1 Status (MET-R Pg. 291)

Ascendant Covenant / Contender Covenant: Invictus/ Carthian

  • When the Invictus is ascendant, members of the First Estate are protected from the vampiric games of rumor and innuendo. An Invictus Prince cannot lose any City Status dots during a month in which his covenant is ascendant, and Harpies who are not themselves members of the First Estate must spend three points of Status for every dot of City Status they wish to remove from a member of the Invictus. Finally, no member of the Invictus can have his last dot of City Status stripped from him, unless the Prince or Master of Elysium doing so is herself a member of the covenant.(MET-R Pg. 292)
  • City Status Bonus: 5-9 active members +1 Status (MET-R Pg. 291)

Current City Status Breakdown:

Clan: Daeva 8, Gangrel 13, Mekhet 2, Nosferatu 1, Ventrue 7

Covenant: Carthian 9, Crone 0, Invictus 14, Lance 2, Ordo 2, Unaligned 0

News, Rumors and Sundries

Honolulu, HI In-Character News

  • Simply entering the city limits can test one's Humanity.

  • Who is hosting Elysium?

Jan- Carthian

Feb- Invictus

March- Ordo

April- Lancea

May- Crone

June- Carthian

July- Invictus

Aug- Ordo

Sept- Lancea

Oct- Crone

Nov- Invictus


Places of Interest


- The Necropolis - Nosferatu only knowledge! There is a Necropolis on (in?) Oahu, and any Nos venturing to the city are welcome to visit. Please contact us beforehand.

Helpful Info

VST =Chris Starr

VSS =Blood in the Water VSS

Time =Domain Calendar Every other Saturday, 7pm til Midnight.

Location: TBA

Domain =HI-005-D

DST =Robert Welch

DC =Heath Withrow

Other Venue Info