Honolulu Harpy Report

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Honolulu Harpy Report

by Harpy Charles Alexander Whiteman

June 4th

Greetings Esteemed Kindred of Honolulu,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Charles Alexander Whiteman the recently appointed Harpy of the Honolulu domain. It is an honor to count myself among such a prestigious and noble order as this and I look forward to working with each of you in any capacity I may be of service. I know our small island has been quiet of late, while I situated myself into my new found role, but that small matter is about to be reconciled. I invite you all to marvel at the exploits of the Pacific as I regale you with our story.

It has been a dark and perilous few months for our tiny island, battered by the winds of Sabbat influences hoping to tear the very foundations of the Ivory tower apart. Ambush after ambush led to defeats and captures that threatened the very core of our society. Hidden attacks disguised to look like assaults from those we felt we could trust, as well as out right physical confrontations against armies of shovelheads given no other choice but to face us or meet their ends at the hands of those who embraced them. I will not lie, readers, it felt as if the hold of the Camarilla on this western most outpost was going to slip away into obscurity. I could feel the dark clouds of Sabbat control slowly rising over the mountains of our home and their very talons clenched tightly about my heart, ripping it from its home, and bringing an end to our loyal contingent of Camarilla upon this island.

The Sabbat’s power had spread greatly, even allowing them to capture some of our most esteemed elders. Elder Mandragora Cross, Sherriff of our beloved city and Primogen of the Nosferatu, was ripped brutally from our grasp in an ambush that almost claimed the lives of many others. Kept as a bargaining chip, a tool to be used to force the hand of our Honorable Prince DuChamp. I will not lie, the loss of our domains mightiest warrior was a devastating blow that caused many of our less esteemed kindred to seek shelter within their own havens. This was not the end of the Sabbat incursion however, as we found their claws gripping our cities mayor allowing them the ability to drive home a curfew that impeded our abilities to get much needed sustenance to help fuel our defense. They placed demands on our Prince, he would bend his knee to them or they would destroy their captives and crush us under the might of their influential and physical prowess. Uncertainty gripped the members of the Domain, what would become of our Sheriff? Was our Prince strong enough to resist the might of the Sabbat? Would the Domain fall?

I am pleased to report that our Prince was indeed clever and resourceful enough to not only resist the demands of our assailants, but to deal a devastating blow in return. In an attempt to assassinate Prince DuChamp, the Lasombra Ductus of the Sabbat pack lead a secret ambush. While the Prince DuChamp proved to not only have a strategically sound mind, but a martial prowess I did not expect to see, those few with him leapt to his aid. While the Honorable Primogen Al’Mumit, and the Acclaimed Ancilla Victor Thorne engaged the multitude of shovelheads, Prince DuChamp easily defeated the Ductus and brought an end to his arrogant attempt at his life. Not only was the assault thwarted our Prince managed to capture the Ductus as well. In an interesting gambit, he did not slay the Ductus and instead showed his impressive political skills negotiating the return of our Sheriff. This move was considered controversial by some, handing the leader of the enemy back to them? What could the Prince be thinking? Realizing that they could not break the back of the Camarilla as easily as they had hoped, the Sabbat pushed for a truce. A treaty to be formed between our two sects, and a desire to work as a team to deal with Infernalists that the Sabbat insisted were running rampant in our domain. The prince, having been assailed now through less direct means, demonstrated his impressive grasp of espionage and subtlety. He convinced the Sabbat to come to a meeting to discuss this truce.

During this evening we had several visitors arrive to the island, many had come to visit with the Primogen Al’Mumit, and lend their aid in his personal endeavors on the island and he has found them to be Acclaimed for their devotion to Tradition and the defense of the Masquerade in the destruction of the Sabbat. The visitors named such by the Primogen Al’Mumit are as follows: Thomas O’Slattery, Musharif, Valasco Paez de Leon, Aiden El-Arnin, and Daemonenjager. Also among his entourage were Loyal Serena, Loyal Leonna Thorne, Pyotr Epihodoz, and Legend. One new arrival of note, an Ancilla Gangrel by the name of Bobby, proved to be the most Courteous of Kindred. We spoke at length about kindred politics, and she showed herself to have much better grasp on Kindred etiquette then even her Primogen Grant Heis, an individual who finds himself Warned for his antagonistic behavior towards myself, and the poor display of social etiquette he showed this newest arrival to the domain. Fortunately for us all her Sire, the Gangrel Shepherd, has done an exquisite job teaching his lineage how to engage properly in polite society. At one point during the evening, our attention was requested by the Elder K-Dawg of the Toreador clan. He yielded the floor to the Ventrue Whip Byron who announced to all gathered that he found the Prince DuChamp and Harpy Whiteman of his clan to be very Loyal to the Ivory tower, a designation both parties accepted most graciously. As the night swiftly raced forward, the entire domain unsure of what would come next, minds speculating as to how this entire night would end. The Prince was upstairs speaking with other Kindred we had never met before in a private meeting, and no one was sure where this would lead. When suddenly the sounds of battle erupted from the second story above our heads. The very location of the Princes meeting with these unknown individuals. While many rushed towards the stairs, attempting to quickly join the Princes side, a few of us with more forethought rushed for the door. As we exited the building to ensure those who dared to assault our Prince could not flee through the window and into the night.

The negotiations, that we had speculated broke down, turned out to be a trap by Prince DuChamp. As he had all the Sabbat in one location he struck, blood hunting one of their number and closing the jaws of his own ambush around them. From outside the building the Honorable Neonate Lynn Binn, the Loyal Primogen Jacob Winters, the Honorable Neonate Danica (One of our recent arrivals just that very evening), the Honorable Whip Byron, and myself all waited to clean up any would be escapees from the ambush above. From this vantage point I got to witness the many extraordinary talents of these individuals as they quickly mopped up the cowardly members of the Sabbat as the fled from the might of our forces above. Each one of these individuals proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. As to the results of the blood hunt called by the Prince, the Sabbat Toreador known as Layfayette was slain. I witnessed firsthand as she attempted to flee from the scene the Triumphant Elder Marcus Abaddon moving with a speed only an elder could achieve, skillfully ripped her head from her shoulders. Also the Sovereign Prince DuChamp would like to make it known that he finds those who participated in the battle to be Loyal to the Ivory Tower.

Charles Alexander Whiteman
Harpy of Honolulu

March 26th

by Harpy Darren Kennedy

Hello Honolulu and all the Kindred therein,

I’d like to start off this report with some clerical business, specifically the introduction of two new members. Or at least, new-ish members as the distinction became the topic of much conversation. I’d like to welcome business entrepreneur and Hawaii Kai resident, Mr. Charles Alexander Whiteman, back to Honolulu. With him was another Ventrue, Mr. Johnathon Byron of New York, who is new to the city but we welcome him with equal fervor.

It’s not worth taking up too much space to say, but Primogen Goldman, I’m still up for going 50/50 on that ghoul film-crew. Good chance to promote some local talent in acting and directing, as it were. And back to business.

Elysium business began with a meeting of the Primogen with Prince DuChamp subbing in for Primogen Faust. Of interest to some was the attendance of Mr. Whiteman at the Prince’s behest. I can only imagine he was there out of respect for his former position as Whip. The business discussed was the matter of the yet again, vacant Harpy position. Two candidates were proposed, myself and hero-of-the-hour Jason Black. I don’t wish to discuss politics and the business of voting in my Reports: suffice is to say that the vote was put on a small hiatus while Sheriff Cross finished her investigation on the death of the previous Harpy (See my retroactive entry for the 12th for what occurred).

Business then turned to a developing matter. When last the Sabbat attacked, they claimed they’d captured one of our Elders and I had assumed they were bluffing about having the torpored form of Elder Kenzie (fortunately that was not the case). Unfortunately, they weren’t lying, and a video was received of Elder Blaine Winchester and Glitch being held in a fighting arena by the savages. The Prince spoke with conviction about his refusal to barter our gains away, and would gladly see himself die before we lost ground to these terrorists. It was with this in mind that we set our plan: retrieving our captured members without losing our gains.

Just after the Prince’s address to the assemblage, a visitor from Kaneohe came to greet us. Harpy Trinity, at the behest of Sheriff Cross, came to help with an investigative matter and I had the pleasure of making her acquaintances for the first time and I must say, she was one of the most vivacious and gorgeous women I’ve seen in many years. I hope her assistance proved useful in Sheriff Cross’ investigation.

Primogen Goldman had been able to acquire some valuable intel on the whereabouts of our captured members, where our interrogations could not. This in mind, the tactical minds of the Prince and the Sheriff settled on a three pronged plan of attack: a Retrieval team led by Sheriff Cross, a Distraction team led by Primogen Winters, and a secondary Distraction team led by Ambassador Ice.

Sheriff Cross’ team [Primogen Goldman, Primogen Abbadon, and Ancilla Moore] scaled down the H1 under cover of obfuscate and found the van lightly guarded and containing our charges. At this point, the Primogen Winter’s team was called and with the help of Emissary Giovanni, a few rail line pillars were toppled, providing the perfect amount noise and clatter to allow the Retrieval team to abscond with Elder Winchester and the others. They were able to make their way back to the rendezvous point with Elder Kenzie driving and Ancilla Thorne providing cover.

Meanwhile, the secondary Distraction team had made their way to the site of a Sabbat haven on the outskirts of Anarch territory. After a quick recon, a hired team of thugs was sent in to stir the bee’s nest only to be killed in the maelstrom of the entire house exploding. It remains to be seen whether the haven had been booby-trapped in advance or if it was just some innocent meth den caught in the cross fires.

After our three-fold success, we returned to Elysium to celebrate and settle a matter of business. I was unable to attend this meeting as I had business seeing to the safety of a guest but newly-elected Primogen Kenzie sat in my former stead. The business resolved the hiatus on Harpy, and I was voted in, and now I busy myself with finishing the boon ledger in a timely manner. Additionally, the foreshadowing I mentioned earlier proved true, and Mr. Whiteman was elected the new Ventrue Primogen with Mr. Byron serving as his Whip. I hope they prove to be valuable assets to the welfare of our domain.

Before I end, I’d like to honor a few of you tonight. For her dedication to finding the truth and the fervor with which she defended members of the Camarilla, it is quite clear that Sheriff Mandragora Cross is a Loyal member of our domain. Showing a pleasant and calm demeanor even in these trying times, Primogen Jacob Winters is the height of Courtesy. And although not of our sect, he has proven a valuable defender of the Masquerade, and for that, Ambassador Deacon Ice should be Acclaimed by all.

With that I leave you and look forward to seeing you all soon,

Yours, Harpy Darren Kennedy

March 12th

The Prince’s hospitality was able to provide a luxurious suite at the Hilton for our evening gathering. Most of the domain was attending what was to be an interesting night. Of note, Primogen Abbadon and Ancilla Moore were not in attendance, although their company was made up for by a new addition, Jacob Winters of the Malkavians. Business proceeded as normal and when I spoke with Prince DuChamp, I was able to re-affirm the Toreador jurisdiction over the Chinatown area, a problem I’d found left quite unattended by my predecessor.

On the matter of predecessors, it became known to me that former Primogen and Harpy Mark Johnson had been up to some unpleasant business in destabilizing our city. Not only had he been privy to the death of the Scourge of Kaneohe, but when this information was revealed to two of his clanmates, Elder Kenzie and Ancilla Thorne, instead of reasoning or penance, he sought to kill them. After calling them both to the scene of where he’d been assaulted earlier in the night, with the aid of an unknown assailant, he attempted to kill Elder Kenzie and Ancilla Thorne. Fortunately, for his crimes, Mark Johnson was repulsed and killed, although not without Elder Kenzie descending into torpor and Ancilla Thorne fleeing from his severe wounds. Even more fortunate, Primogens Abbadon and Goldman were able to arrive at the scene before Johnson’s hired gun was able to finish the job of killing Elder Kenzie. Mark Johnson is succeeded by the contempt held for a seditionist and traitor to his Clan.

In more recent news, at the Prince’s gathering, Sheriff Cross was able to bring the four captured Sabbat agents for further questioning by Prince DuChamp and Seneschal de Barcelona. Unfortunately, the investigation was interrupted by the news of an attack on Primogen Abbadon. Fearing the worst, the whole of court offered to come to his aid, although myself, Victor Thorne, Ms. Glitch, Primogen Faust and another offered to remain behind to make sure nothing happened to the captured Sabbat members.

The court found Primogen Abbadon at Sand Island, surrounded by debris and the dead, hurt but alive. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his trusted and beloved ghoul, who died defending his master. Also present, to a degree, was the torpored form of Elder Kenzie, who was being guarded by Primogen Abbadon at the time of the attack. Seeing that Primogen Abbadon had handled the situation, the members of court returned to the gathering after aiding in clean-up efforts.

This assault on the Primogen was a diversion however, with the intention of providing a window for the Sabbat’s retrieval of their torpored members. Roughly a dozen Sabbat agents arrived outside the gathering, demanding the exchange of “prisoners”. We refused, not about to negotiate with such cretins and Ms. Glitch and Mr. Thorne trailed them under Obfuscation. Unfortunately, they were spotted and Ms. Glitch was taken with Mr. Thorne only just able to escape. Before the rest of the court could arrive however, the Sabbat fled.

Reunited, the court deliberated over our next course of action when it was decided for us: a war party of nearly twenty Sabbat agents was headed towards us. Not wishing to risk the Masquerade or the loss of human life, the Prince decided on moving the battleground to Sand Island. Taking the Elders with him, Prince DuChamp left first on his helicopter. Sheriff Cross directed the rest of court in fleeing the building, and if the fear of being seen and killed wasn’t present, I’m sure the thrill of sneaking down the outside of a hotel would have been far more entertaining. As it was, we scaled down the side of the building and rendezvoused with the Elders at Sand Island. It was here we prepared for a final stand, for the city itself. We realized the odds were against us, nearly 2-1, but we stood fast in defense of the Camarilla. To recount the battle in detail would require a novel, but in a phrase: it was like a flash of lightning; suddenly ferocious combat and then darkness.

I would not be writing if we’d lost, but our victory was in thanks to many parts. The bravery and ingenuity with which Prince DuChamp held himself and conducted preparations for the battle, the potent magicks of Senecshal de Barcelona and Primogen Goldman, the veritable wall of Brujah that served as our vanguard led by Primogen Abbadon, the combined efforts of the entire court like an improvisational dance, and the 11th hour assistance from Kaneohe! We snatched victory from the jaws of our assailants and for that we should be proud.

Clan Brujah should be proudest of all, for one of their own will surely live on in Valhalla. Whip Drake was struck down by the tidal wave of enemies but like a great sea wall, he refused to give until the last. His passing is a tragedy, as the light he bore being snuffed out so soon has left a hole in many of us.

I am no strategist or war councilor but I believe this could be the turning point in our war with the Sabbat in Hawaii as we continue to stand strong with our allies in pushing the menace back into the sea.


Harpy Darren Kennedy