Horatio Greenwood

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"A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound / that clinking clanking sound / it makes the world go round!"

$ire: Franziskus Winter

Appearance and Notable Traits: Prefers "Horace" to Horatio.

Titles: Toreador Primogen of Atlanta, VA

$tatus: Acknowledged, Established (Ancilla), Revered (Primogen)

Coteries/$ocieties: None


  • Embraced in 1930, yadda yadda
  • Fun timeline stuff here
  • More here
  • You get the idea


Arikel, 3rd gen NPC
Helena, 4th gen NPC
François Villon, 5th gen NPC
Brisazardo, 6th gen NPC
Andreas, 7th gen NPC
Franziskus Winter, 8th gen PC

Childer: None.


  • Once a promising young composer, the Embrace ruined his ear and now he can barely carry a tune.
  • Has a BAD cocaine addiction problem.
  • Has an odd tendency to go on about the album 'Fore' by Huey Lewis and The News. Seems to consider it an undisputed masterpiece.
  • Start a rumor!


  • "While Horatio is not the outstanding musician I had initially hoped for, the Blood has awakened latent talents that never fail to impress me." -- Franziskus Winter, Elder Toreador Prince of Richmond, VA
  • "Mr. Greenwood is essential; his steady hand holds the clan of our city together, and his common sense guides us all. I would give my right hand before losing him to another domain." -- Orenna Komnenos, Toreador Elder
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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Charlie R.
Storyteller: Dan F.

OOC Information

Player: Charlie R.
MES Number: US2002011149

Location: GA-010-D, Atlanta, Georgia