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All information on this page is intended for Tremere characters, this information is not generally known to non Tremere.

House Avakianis the stalwart defender of the foundations which have made House and Clan great and powerful. Fiercely loyal to House and Clan first and foremost, this ancient House is rooted in Clan traditions and firmly adheres to the Tremere Oath, considering the Camarilla a useful tool to help secure the power of the Clan amongst the other Clans. House Avakian does not advertise itself, nor make the House's name or existence intentionally known to non-Tremere as the House believes there is no reason for outsiders to know the inner workings of the Clan. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and the best kept secret is the one you tell no-one. In the past, House Avakian projected the image of being the foremost authority in House and Clan on political matters, and indeed, even in modern nights they value political acumen and those who are, or have the potential to be, office holders or high ranking Pyramid members. Though, in order to maintain a balance between politics and other valuable knowledge (in order to protect the Clan from outside threats), the House has expanded to be a traditional House of learning in all matters. While all members of the House are traditionalists who put the Oath over everything and value the hierarchy of the Pyramid, within the House, spirited debates are held where everyone is encouraged to participate from the lowest Apprentice to the highest Pontifex, and in private, first names are used and rank is not, to encourage such debates.

Membership within House Avakian is a valued privilege; one does not simply choose to join. It is a privilege to be invited--an opportunity the prospective member should grasp and endeavor to hold onto with pride and accomplishment. But one does not need to wait passively for an invite. While Avakians may approach promising young Tremere, those interested in membership within House Avakian should seek out the member of the House nearest to them and make their intentions known. Inquiries will be made and there is usually an interview before an invitation to join may (or may not) be extended.

The core qualities for which House Avakian looks in its prospects are:
1. A proven show of loyalty to the traditions of the Tremere,
2. A traditional view of Tremere goals, and
3. Unswerving adherence to the Oath.

History, known to those Tremere Elders who lived during these times or those with high Tremere Lore

  • 998-House Avakian begins as a mortal cabal of occultists Chantry (overseen by House Tremere) in the Armenian Kingdoms recently free of Arabic control, under the reign of Gagik I. Avakian was a title of respect given to the most senior magi of the Chantry.
  • 1026-As Tremere starts the slow conversion of select mages, the war with the Tzimisce and other kindred heats up and most of the outlying Chantries around Ceoris are constantly being destroyed and rebuilt (as mentioned in the books). Tremere needs additional magi to rebuild and fill these Chantries.
  • 1030-Tremere calls upon his mortal servants in the Armenian Chantry (already in a turbulent region). His orders are simple, the Chantry should be closed and all present relocate to the Carpathian Basin.
  • Upon arrival at their new location, nestled deep in the Carpathian Basin on the River Danube, the members of House Avakian set the foundations for their new Chantry. As was done with other Chantries (Ceoris), the Armenian magi brought forth the first stone from their original Chantry and set it as the first stone in their new home, becoming the foundation that was replaced. Being given the oldest site of the House Tremere Chantries that existed in the Carpathian Alps, they choose to name their new fortress Avakian.
  • Razed and rebuilt many times during the early years of conflict, Avakian produces a number of resilient Tremere (both magi and kindred).
  • 1394-With the eventual shift from outright warfare, to conflicts - waged through Kindred politics, House Avakian changes its focus to match this change and best all others who enter this expanding arena. Through the test of time, House Avakian finds many new Tremere sent to its doors for tutelage in political warfare.
  • 1433-As more Houses who fulfill a single role come into existence, and it becomes acceptable within the Clan, the mentors of Avakian decide to openly rebrand themselves thus, and to spread themselves out to all of the Tremere Chantries. This resulted in a more diverse House with the ability to better learn the Politics and Occult Knowledge of the local regions, and not be rooted in one place, and ultimate flaw which would be exploited. Those known as the founders, three Elder Tremere are brought together and reform the House into what it has become today. These founders are only known to members of the House and the Inner Council.
  • 1434: The Lombardi family is brought into the House. Useing their shipping buisness to move large amounts of supplies through the Adriatic and into the Carpathian mountains.
  • 1450-Eventually near the end of the Omen Wars, Chantry Avakian is destroyed for a last time as the Fiends and their allies wipe out as much of Ceoris' support chain as they can. House Avakian, now decentralized, mourns its loss but continues forward, resolute in purpose and foundation. The House members useing the Lombardi fleet depart the area and settle into Europe through Italy.
  • 1456– Move to Vienna. House Avakian keeps a large estate in Vienna.


  • Those within the clan know the Avakians as 'Wardens', as their original chantry served as a prison for political dissidents.
  • Ask a member of the Avakians what they think of 'House Tremere' and the response is usually silence and a blank stare (they've never heard of a social group called House Tremere, and assume this is the punchline of a Malkavian joke).
  • The term Avakian means eldest, and was originally a clan Tremere term methuselah's gave to their first childer.
  • House Avakian and the Freemasons are entwined the world over. Where you find one, you find the other. Both pulling all the strings.
  • The Avakians were responsible for hunting down and jailing the 'raw materials' their gargoyle slaves were created from.
  • House Avakian doesn't really exist. Its a deception established to see how many non-Tremere supposedly know clan secrets.
  • House Avakian was instrumental in setting up an underground railroad during the dark ages that saved many influential kindred from the Inquisition. To this day they still hold those boons.
  • The Avakians are like drug dealers. They push a magic bauble into your hands for free, but you always find yourself owing them and wanting more.
  • House Avakian is opposed to The Glass Pyramid. Their childish attempt to rebel against centuries of logic and tradition is nothing but weakness.


Known Members

  • Aharon Gadjarian Apprentice of the 5th, Sacramento, CA
  • Arrighetto Brexiano, Regent of the 4th, DeSoto MO
  • Arturo De Luca, Regent of Boston, MA
  • Draco Apprentice of the 6th, Richmond, Va
  • Elena Hellenbach Pontifex of the East, Atlanta, GA
  • Eris Nightingale, Apprentice of the 2nd, Austin TX
  • Hallary, Regent of the 4th, Tennessee
  • Isabella Andreas Apprentice of the 7th, Meade, FL/Lakeland Area
  • Jaeger High Apprentice of the 7th, Austin TX
  • James Saxon Apprentice of the 5th
  • Johannes Nail von der Nyssen, Regent of the 3rd, Tucson, AZ
  • Katherynn Jones, Apprentice of the 6th, Houston TX
  • Leonard Carpenter aka Red, Lee County, FL
  • Lydia Sterling Apprentice of the 4th, Houston TX
  • Margareta Sasul, Lord of the 6th, San Juan Puerto Rico
  • Markus Kern, Apprentice of the 5th, Austin TX
  • Midas Madison Acting Lord and Former Tremere Clanhead; Houston, TX
  • Miguel de Barcelona Regent of the 4th, Honolulu, HI
  • Ramon De Avendano De La Maza, Apprentice of the 5th, Puerto Rico
  • Sazcha Zaimis, Lord of the 1st, San Francisco, CA
  • Shavo, Acting Regent, Phoenix, AZ
  • Walter Rook Regent of the 7th, Houston TX
  • Shane Blake Apprentice of the 6th, Omaha NE
  • Selena Messmer Regent of the 2nd, Omaha NE

In-clan Allies


This is a PC run house, run by PC's, played by PC's. Only what the House allows to be known is known. If you would like to have your PC invited into the House contact Michael A Santschi or any known Avakian House member to get things going.