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House Constantinian has its roots in the New Roman empire in Constantinople. Broodmates Alexander and Adrienne founded the House when their sire Epirus decided to remove himself from the public eye, entrusting the lineage to them. Nobility and tradition are important to this House, which considers itself the backbone of Clan Ventrue, and thus, the Camarilla.

House Motto: Vincit qui Patitur: He conquers who endures.


HouseStatue01.png Patriarch: Alexander Konrad, Prince of Washington DC, Childe of Epirus

Matriarch: Adrienne Maxwell, Ventrue Clan Head, Childe of Epirus

Izar San Martin Childe of Epirus

Kenneth Skelton Childe of Epirus, Ventrue Myrmidon, Harpy of Cincinnati

HouseTileEagle.png HouseRumors.png

  • Though they show a united public face, those close to the family know all is not perfectly peaceful behind the scenes.
  • Wish for a return to Clan Ventrue to rule all
  • May have Camps set out for the Lesser Clans
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Currently we are not looking for new members, but love allies of other Houses!

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