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Lineage Crest

"Nous vivons, nouns mourons, nous revivons / We live, we die, we live again"


For hundreds of years, this branch of the Toreador House Villon has influenced musical culture in both the new and old world for the living and the dead. They epitomize what Kindred see as the Toreador kinship with humanity, with all members retaining their vibrant living complexions. These Toreador tend to get wrapped up in whatever has caught their fancy, but all have an interest that is as much a part of them as their blood.
Intermittent gatherings of 'de Medici happen whenever they are in proximity to each other, with the host inviting visitors to a fantastic restaurant of their choice. These affairs are filled with showing-off one-upsmanship, and amazing feats of linguistic acrobatics to both insult and entice. Many Kindred jockey for an invitation just to watch what goes on between members of the lineage, let alone the other entertaining guests they might bring.

Known by those with Toreador Lore 3+
The 'de Medici family have an annual dinner in the U.S. which is hosted by their Patriarch. All are allowed to bring one other Toreador as their guest (as long as they have Clan Status 3+). As a result, these events are filled with intra-clan rivalries and Kindred jockeying for Clan Prestige. It is said that many Didaskalos, Syndyskos, and Grandmasters have been decided as a result of these events.

Known by those with Toreador Lore 4+
Descendants of Aloyshis, however, are rumored to have very well hidden malevolent streaks, and numerous elders can recall seeing members of this line at numerous Camarilla conflicts and battles over the past few hundred years. Many wonder if their vitality and humanity are not innate, but stolen from their lovers and victims like the succubi of legend. You have heard of where one or two of the annual 'de Medici dinners were over the past decade and may know some of those who attended. The rumors surrounding their darker side may be why they have never been attacked at one of the annual family dinners even though they are not clandestine.

Known by those with Toreador Lore 5+
Contact the player of Aloyshius.

de Medici Lineage

7th Generation

NPC Founder: Aloyshius il Lorenzo 'de Medici

8th Generation

  • Corrina Patella 'de Medici "Mother" (the family thinks of Corrina as the sheltered mama bear)
  • Stavio Orsini 'de Medici "Uncle Stavio" (the family says he needs fang condoms...)
  • Kendrick Seamus O'Shea, That odd, wild oat sowed by the Patriarch on a business-trip.

9th Generation

  • Minerva Beauvou 'de Medici "The Ballerina", Childe of Stavio
  • Elliot Lewis Cartwright 'de Medici, Childe of Stavio [played by Puck Soball in Orlando]
  • Bret Butcher, Childe of Stavio [Played by Austin Ziegler in Orlando]
  • Onyx Silverton 'de Medici, Childe of Stavio
  • Rinadlo De Medici, Childe of Corrina [played by Michael Smyrski in Philadelphia]
  • Patrick Christian, Childe of Stavio [played by Swen Winston in Tampa]

10th Generation

  • Alan Henderson, Childe of Elliot
  • Robert 'de Medici, Childe of Minerva [Deceased]
  • Jerard de Medici, Childe of Rinadlo [played by Jed Hickson in Boston]
  • Jaime de Medici, Childe of Rinadlo [played by Sarah Farley in Atlantic City NJ]

11th Generation

  • Beatrice de Medici, Childe of Robert - Atlanta, GA [played by Ellandra Chadwell]
  • Michelle de' Medici, Childe of Jerard - [Deceased]

OOC Goals

The goal of this lineage is to give new players a way to quickly become part of classic V:tM Cannon. The Toreador are a great vehicle for exploring the core theme of "Monsters we are..." especially since they are the most 'Humane' of the Camarilla clans. These Toreador are expressive and alive, but paranoid of losing their eternity and with something dark inside them lusting after innocence. Let's bring the dark passion we experienced when first playing this amazing game to others, and rekindle the curiosity and fascination we had before we had read all the damn books ;)

Making a Medici PC

  • Can't find an appropriate gen 'de Medici sire? NO PROBLEM. Once you commit to playing a 'de Medici, we'll do the footwork to put you in touch with players who can be your sire/childer.
  • 'de Medici are always musically inclined in some fashion, even if they're not very good at it (need at least 1 ability in musical performance), and are usually members of the Guild of Apollo, the Guild of Nemesis or the Guild of the Silver Flame. (OOC Knowledge unless Toreador Lore 2+)
  • 'de Medici always have some form of martial skill, either form their living days or taught after the embrace. (need at least 1 ability in a combat related ability or dodge) (OOC Knowledge unless Toreador Lore 4+)
  • Those of the 8th generation must append 'de Medici to the end of their name. Later generations may choose to do so depending on how much pride they take in being part of it. (OOC unless Toreador Lore 5+)
  • Members of the lineage must take the following merits/flaws: Blush of Life, Eat Food, Thirst for Innocence [although Thirst can be bought off in history]. (OOC Knowledge unless Toreador Lore 5+)
  • There are some habits/traditions/purposes that will only be revealed to 'de Medici PCs after game starts...

Real-World Information

Recommended Restaurants

Medici can feel free to leave real-world recommendations here!

  • Chalet Suzanne, Fantastic up-scale restaurant. The Inn has quaint old-world Florida feel with its own air strip.