House Ouroboros

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All information on this page is intended for Tremere characters, this information is not generally known to non Tremere.
This House is dedicated to using the political might of the Tower to strengthen Clan Tremere.

History (Known to Tremere or those with high Tremere Lore)

House Oroboros was created in the mid-1800s after the Camarilla rose to Primacy within the Kindred world. Composed mostly of Ancilla that spent the majority of their unlives struggling against threats to Clan and Sect, these Kindred have seen the power of a united Camarilla, and have pledged themselves fully to it.

This is a publicly-known house within the Clan.


Known Members

  • Theobald Albrecht - Co-Founder of the House.
  • Minerva Meredith - has been around almost since the founding of the House. She sees the Power in the Pyramid used to strengthen the Camarilla at every opportunity.
  • Anastasz Di Zagreb - Perhaps the most vocal member of House Ouroboros, he is seen as reaching far above his station, given his age and strength of blood.



This is a Canon House for this Chronicle, from the MES Tremere Clan Guide.