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"Beati Qui Durant - Blessed are those who endure."
— House Oviedo family motto


Never a large lineage, House Oviedo has stood as a pillar of Clan Ventrue for centuries serving as capable ambassadors, emissaries, and counsel to greater Houses. Priding themselves as Kings who are prepared to shoulder any burden necessary to further Clan goals, this resilient House has had to find greater meaning in their motto - Beati qui durant - in recent nights as their numbers dwindle in the light of scandal and disillusionment with the direction of the Clan's leadership.

"The evil that men do lives after them;
the good is oft interred with their bones."
— From Julius Caesar


Adeline-Lineage.png House Oviedo


"Humanitas is the capacity to win the affection of lesser folk without impinging on the greater."
— Pliny the Younger



  • "Some Ventrue are merchants, and they are very good ones. We, however, are a true family of nobles." — Kristian Vasa
  • "Family is something that few Kindred are priviledged enough to truly possess. My family is my cornerstone, my compass and sextant, and my touchstone. With them, nothing is impossible or unforgivable." — Adeline Bellamy
  • "Through adversity, strength." — Nicola Adorno
  • "They have taught me heights to climb I had never dreamed of before." - Troy Butcher
  • "Beati Qui Durant -Blessed are those who endure. It’s written on the coat of arms of house Oviedo. When I was younger I thought I understood … I didn’t. It took the vastness and experiences of a century before I realized what my sire was trying to explain. Not endured because we are blessed … but because we have endured, we need God’s blessing." - Anna Russell
  • "Quote here." - Your PC's Name Here

"La Vertu est la nature perfectionné et développé à sa plus haute point."
— L'Ecole Bellamy school motto



The members of House Oviedo are interested in bringing more players into Ventrue lineages, and fostering roleplay within and outside of the House. If you are interested in joining House Oviedo, please keep in mind the following themes as you develop your character:

Family - The House operates as a family unit, not as a business conglomerate. While Catherine Pershing is the acting head of the House and the final authority figure, we try to develop familiar personal ties between each other's PCs to reflect a close family dynamic, not a formal business one.

House Meetings - When the family gets together once a year to talk business and about their personal lives, they don't do it in a board room; they get together and share a meal, family style. In practical terms for your game, what this means is that the players in Oviedo try to get together - as many of us who are able - once a year, frequently at a convention in September like AbN or LAbN, to go out to dinner together and role-play through the private meal. House members have a few options for how they want to handle this: buying the Personal Masquerade merit is easiest, but you can also buy Dominate 5, spend 1 Blood per hour to grit your teeth and keep it down, or even buy up your Performance to try to fake people out. Still, however you want to handle it, family dinners are an important aspect of the family that we're looking to play up.

Faith - Specifically, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. Most of the PCs in Oviedo at least pay lip service to a faith. Whether or not you're a true believer or just wear a crucifix to keep your sire happy is quite up to you as you develop your PC.

The Maghreb - The House was established by Marbuena of Oviedo. All of the House Elders are from the Maghreb or have ties to North Africa with their embraces. Many, but not all, of the ancillae have ties there. The neonates, it's anyone's guess; you may be a new batch Embraced in the Maghreb, or you may be from the home country. Only players of Elders in the House are required to have some tie to the Maghreb, but ancilla and neonate players may choose to make this part of their backgrounds, as well. All members of the House should be aware of this background, and know a little about it. Most importantly, while many backgrounds overlap with Western Europe in some way, we're trying to avoid playing the Ventrue stereotype of British, French, Habsburg, or Russian expansionists.


Erykah Fassett is the OOC liaison for recruitment for House Oviedo. If you are playing a Ventrue this chronicle and you're interested in joining House Oviedo, please contact her to develop ties.

House Oviedo plays to some fairly specific themes, outlined above, that its team members chose at the beginning of the chronicle, much like how themes are outlined on a VSS. The purpose of these themes is to keep the Oviedo team from branching off in a lot of different directions. This keeps us more or less on the same page with one another, even as members get added or leave. These themes are reviewed about once a year through discussion within the team, so some flexibility is permitted as the chronicle goes on.

Generally, if a player is interested in joining the House, we ask that they review the wiki and let Erykah know if they have any questions. Then, if that sounds appealing, Erykah will talk to the prospective team member about her character concept, to try to get a sense of whether or not she fits with what we've established as a group. Finally, if that all goes over well, Erykah send the prospective team member's character concept to the team to review. If the team has questions or concerns, everyone will address them together. The rest of the team has a simple "speak now or forever hold your peace" period, wherein if they are concerned about a prospective team member's concept, they can veto the member's final approval.

Our intention isn't by any means to be exclusionary; it's to make sure that the people who signed up to play a certain way earlier don't find their game changing in unexpected and undesired ways later. This process is very much like choosing a VSS to play on - if you want to play on this one, we ask that you stay more or less within the lines that we've already defined. If your character concept is too off-the-wall from what we're doing - even if it's really cool! - we might not be the best place for you to explore that concept. If that's the case, many of the players in Oviedo still like to make character ties with folks to help get them more involved in the Ventrue game.

So, feel free to get in touch about character ties. We'd love to have you on board!

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