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This Character is retired and no longer in play

Gerald Donnelly

Crazy Ritualist Weaponsmith

Name: Gerald Donnelly
Also Known As: Chuckles with Mirth, Howls-with-Mirth, Nameless, "Forges Destruction", "Razor Smile"
Age: 40
Creature Type: Forsaken
Cell: The Third Lantern
Cell status: 1
Title or Positon:
Division: The Accord Corps of Engineers, Wrench
Division status: 2
Pack: The Eye of the Storm
Position: Member

Tribe iron masters.png
Lodge iron masters lodge of metal.png

Accord PC

Player: Kevin A. R. Schendell
Member Number: US2003061663
Domain: Shattered Antiquites, Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire
Creature Type: Forsaken
Division: The Accord Corps of Engineers, Wrench Division
City: Boston, MA

Operative Record


Auspice: Ithaur
Tribe: Iron Masters
Lodge: Lodge of Metal

  • Cunning: 1
  • Glory: 1
  • Honor: 0
  • Purity: 1
  • Wisdom: 4


Homid (Man): Chuckles with Mirth is 5'10" Caucasian male. Brown hair worn long in a braid, with a 2 inch goatee. Well built, but on the thinner side. Often wearing a VNV Nation shirt, sometimes wears a Naruto headband. Carries an Uthbert style sword at his hip. Wears either a bullet proof vest or chainmail into battle. In a warzone he wears older style marine camo Fatigues, with the name tag "Donnelly" across his left breast. There are patches from various operations on his left shoulder, under the Three Lanterns symbol of his cell where he had a cell patch is now bare, and obviously he ripped it off recently. Close examination reveals that he removed patches at one point - one has the distinct shape of the Marine Corps Engineers.

what are you looking at?

Dalu (Near-Man): 6'10" Caucasian male. Hair becomes shaggier and has small metal barbs braided into it.

Gauru (War-form):8'10" War Machine of Flesh and Claws. Glowing runes show his rankings along his arms and chest

Urshal (Dire Wolf): Big bad wolf personified. A massive red wolf large enough to be ridden like a horse.

Urhan (Wolf): fairly common looking red wolf. often sticks his tongue out.
I'm laughing at you


Loud mouthed, opinionated, and just as often wrong - this wolf is known pretty publicly for never keeping his nose out of shit that don't belong to him. What's more, he's proud of it. He gives no shits, and takes no shits.

Want him mad? Threaten those he cares for.


Primary duties:

Skill set:

  • Gun smithing
  • Metalwork
  • Spirit Binding and Summoning
  • Brewing a mean cup of coffee, apparently


  • coffee
  • booze


To be filled in

Contacts and Communications

Known Associates



  • Lupei - What did I do to piss you off?


  • Gaff Hook - Alpha. Pretty solid guy. But damn, how many kids does he have?
  • David Anderson - They say only the good die young. So what sins does he have?
  • Howling Thunder - Some of the best truckers around are in his Division.
  • Setah-sefer - Scary scary man. But one of the most intelligent vampires I've met. I don't know if that's saying something or not.
  • Danica Barrows - Always welcome at Stormwyrks.

Other Persons

  • F1R3W@LL - Stay Pissed. It's better this way.


from Chuckles with Mirth

  • "...I'd rather build horrible horrible things that are never needed, then not have the time to regret not having them."
  • "Define Shiny and sparkly. Cause I got a tub of metal polish and a bedazzler."

From others

"Damn wolf. Always leaving fleas and whatnot in my lab. Still, he does bring the most interesting things from the Shadow."- Clockwork

"As with most of his kind, the werewolf's rage is constructive if channeled. And his skill in crafting is to be admired, his judgement with the neteru..." - Setah-sefer

"Nah dude, we aren't nervous, not unless you get bored." - P51M0N1C

"Can make interesting items but some he needs not to make or discuss at his own risk" - Dash

"Howls with ... seriously? Okay .... solid guy though. Solid." - David Anderson

"Needs to loosen up more. Like, no need to get snippy over a few bodies between friends, right?" - Mainardus

"Great guy, for real. He's one of my best friends. I'll always have his back." - Frankie

"Serves up a fine joke. Protects the innocent. Burns books. Summons with the best of them. I bet this guy can even make julienned fries." - Eva Carlisle

"This guy wants to be some one important, but he is just a tool who will be used, thrown away and forgetten when he dies. he owes me a fight but is too much of a Pussy to actually do it." -Charlie Finnigen

"Good man, glad to know him. And man, can he make things." -Eric Barrett

"I don't know how he did it, but the man is a goddamn genius. He made a coffee maker! It's magic of some kind, I swear!" - Mili

"He's luckier than he knows, catching her eye. But I'm patient. Ish." - Rick Storm

"I'm never sure if he's building a bomb or an espresso machine, but I'm sure which ever it is, it'll work. He's really good with his hands like that."-Lynnette Kennedy

"He's a genius with construction and a real asset to the engineers, he's the first person I go to when something needs making" - Gaff Hook

"Did uh.... Did GLADoS Just threaten me? I'm pretty sure GLADoS just threatened me." - Taylor Satterfield

"Ain't of'en ye meet a Lupine wot doesn' 'ave a stick up their ass - maybe 'is was jus' so long 'e managed ta get a 'old a' it while chasin' 'is tail. Regardless, anyone wot changes 'is name ta "Chuckles" is either 'ilariously funny 'r a fool: the jury's still out on this one." - Sybil Grey

"No, no. I very much still interested" {furious scribbling in notebook} Chris Robinson

"Gerald accepted me." - Dani

"Good, to meet another like myself. Seemed sad though. I hope to see him around more." Ellis Kingsly

Feel free to add your own


  • Chuckles with Mirth is not his name. It's the sound he makes when he thinks about the scam he's running.
  • Knows more about the Changelings than they know about themselves. How is the question.
  • Romania changed him, and not for the better. But not for the worse either.
  • Him and Eva Carlisle are TOTALLY a thing.
  • After an unfortunate encounter with a rift, he gained the nickname "Edward Elric."
  • It's said that he doesn't actually have a deed name. But that he leads a pack of other werewolves. Odd that.
  • His nickname is Chuckles.

Out of Character


  • Rivet, a mage from last chronicle played by Bill Malvosi
  • Wayland the Smith


OOC Information

Please see my User Page for player information. User:Kevin S. US2003061663

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