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Sabbat PC

Player: trekker02@gmail.com
Character: Hyacinth
Clan: Tremere antitribu
Position: Pack Priest
Status: Ordained, Annointed
Domain: Sacramento - CA-056-D
VST: vengeanceofsamiel@gmail.com

Character Information

Name: Hyacinth

Clan: Tremere antitribu

Status: Ordained, Annointed, Blessed

Notable Traits: He has impeccable posture. He smiles frequently, but laughs rarely.

Title or Position: Pack priest of Teancum's Javelin, Bishop of Spirituality


  • Hyacinth was a Mormon fundamentalist as a mortal, and had twenty wives
    • He's too young to have that many wives! He couldn't have had more than one or two.
    • They start marrying them off young.
    • Does it really matter?
  • Hyacinth diablerized his own sire to demonstrate the need to rise up against our elders.
  • Hyacinth holds a copy of the sacred Codex of the Damned, a confusing collection of ancient edicts and rules, including one of the earlier references to the Vaulderie
  • Ask him to perform a fire dance. It's his favorite of the Auctoritas Ritae

Matters of Opinion

Thoughts on the Packs

Midnight Militia: Their strength comes from their martial prowess, but they lack spirituality. Even their priest is focused on the martial over the spiritual. While it serves them well as agents of the Sword, they are a glass cannon: all force with very little holding them together. I pray that they come to realize that faith is every bit as important as conviction.

Teancum's Javelin: I named us after a great general who was willing to sacrifice everything for what he believed in, but more importantly, I named us after a man of resounding faith and conviction. Through it, I shall forge those who have fallen from their paths into a weapon that no other pack can dispute. Praise Caine!

FTC: Decent fellows, well versed in noddist lore and dedicated to the sword. I have little else to say regarding them.

Sepulcher Arcana: In spite of some...questionable...members, I have the utmost respect for their leaders.

Thoughts on the Cainites

Tester: As loyal as we need him to be. Brilliant, clever, and the most dangerous of us all. Let us hope he never reasonably concludes that our deaths are necessary.

Suriel: A Useless waste of space.

Valentina: Treacherous snake. The sword has no use for such weakness of devotion.

Salt: I fear what lies locked behind that broken memory of hers. When those memories return, will she be friend or foe?

Cassandra Lotus: No Cainite in this city is deserving of more respect. Her faith in the Sword is absolute, her visions a great asset, and her dedication without question.

Jack Callaghan: He is our Archbishop. I support him because any others who would claim the seat would be bad for the sword. He keeps us afloat, which is a measure grander than the others who eye the position.

Kat: She has a lot of growing up to do. Who better than Teancum's Javelin to purge her of her weaknesses.

Thoughts from others Add your thoughts here!
Jack Callaghan - It looks like he's finally made his move. More than anything, I'm upset that he thinks so little of me. To think that some chump Loyalist could overwhelm me in Monomacy? To think that some "voodoo gypsy curse" was a valid grievance? I'm offended. And I'm not the type to forget easily.


There is no paradox in the vaulderie, for what is given is also received, and as I chain myself to you, so do you chain yourself to me. We are both slave and master, servant and sire, and in doing so we free ourselves from the bonds of the elders, who demand loyalty and offer only addiction, who force leadership and allow no freedom. In the vinculum, my brothers and sisters, we are free.

I have been blooded in monomancy before. Who better to lead than one who is unafraid to fight?

OOC Information

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Player: David Merriam

MES Number: US2002023067

Location: Sacramento