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AcanthusLogo.pngHypatia Order-Mysterium.gif

Awakening PC

Player: Sarah Zigtema
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Reality Stalkers
Position: None
Consilium: Signum Ludicium ••
City: Boston, MA
Cabal: none
VST: Austen Swearinger


Shadow Name: Dr Hypatia Kingsley

Sleeper Alias: The only people who know this are family, friends from her boarding school, or those who dig into her past. She legally changed her name after her Awakening. If you would like to be one of the former two, please contact me, I love background ties. If you'd like to be the latter feel free to contact my ST via the link to the right!


Herald of Signum Lucidium

Quote: "Well it don't hurt ta ask."

"We all gotta pay our dues sometime darlin. Ya can't run 'round as 'Action Girl Whimsy, Righter a Wrongs an Balancer of Fate' ferever."

Character Description


A voluptuous woman who appears to be in her mid-30s, Hypatia speaks with a smooth drawl that marks her as from the Deep South, warm and gracious. She has the sort of deep, bronze, boaters tan that can only be obtained through years working in the sun. Her tightly curled brunette hair has been lightened by the exposure, and her wardrobe tends towards light, well-tailored dresses suitable for tropical climes which hug her generous curves and swish as she moves with seductive grace. In the winter or northern states she bundles up, but her clothing is no less feminine or flattering.

Her jewelry all has an organic feel to it; whether made of recycled glass, found metal, handcrafted beads or natural fibers, all seem to compliment rather than clash with her high quality clothing, giving her an earthy, genuine air. She's always carrying a bag of some sort, most often her trusty canvas field pack.

Her most notable feature is her sparkling, deep green eyes, surrounded by the kind of long, thick lashes that you can only get from genetics. She is quick to smile and her warm southern charm sets even the most reticent of new friends at ease.


  • November 2005: Awoke while Studying Anthropology at Harvard University. Met Castor. Joined the Boston Concilium. Joined the Mysterium the next month
  • 2005-current: Various jobs for the Mysterium and for Harvard
  • 2008: Completed Bachelor's in Anthropology. Goes on Summer internship.
  • 2009: Completed Masters Degree in Anthropology
  • 2011: Completed double Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology.
  • 2011: Accepted to Tenure track at Harvard School of Anthropology.
  • 2013: Heads out on 2 year expedition to study uncontacted tribes of Columbia and Chile.
  • 2015: Stops in Ankeny, IA to visit her friend John Capital and travel with him the rest of the way to a convocation in Canada. Ends up getting drawn into the problems of the local Concilium and Athenaeum and agrees to stay and help get things straightened out.


That long, perfect, drawn-out moment right before a kiss, or battle, or a crash, when the whole world stands still, ringing like a struck bell.

Friends, Allies, and Acquaintances


  • The southern accent is fake
  • She never swears
  • She once made out with DJ Sparkles
  • Someone said her mom was on TV??
  • Has an insatiable sexual appetite....unless there is an adventure to go on.
  • Feel free to add your own


  • "Hypatia doesn't have a knack for finding trouble, she has a knack for knowing where trouble will be, and ending up right where she's needed." -Medicus Shen
  • "Far too Acanthus and far too Mysterium for my taste. Still, that makes her one of the best Mysterium I have ever met." - Pluto
  • "We're both Lunargent Alea Draconis. She still manages to confuse the holy fuck out of me. I never know what she's up to." - Tevye
  • "She's nice and sweet but sometimes when I'm talking to her I feel like she's gonna pull out a microscope haha." - DJ Radix
  • "It's like looking in a stuffier, wizardier mirror. Don't mistake that for actually being stuffy, though. I set quite the bar. So it's mostly a compliment here." - Isnana
  • "She's actually very perceptive. Despite how extraordinarily awkward she made me, I know she was trying to be nice." - Cheryl Taylor
  • "She's an interesting individual, I can tell that she cares deeply for other's though, even if sometimes she hides it behind southern charm and manners, it's still there, and that has some respect from me." - Doc
  • "She will hold you to task, and with the way the Pentacle is going now, we need more of that." Shofar
  • "More than just the Scarlett O'Hara stuff... she's like Lara Croft meets Chell. In a cool way." Zou
  • "Large... Heart. She is a good, volatile mix of hinted innocence yet open, sultry desire, at least what little I've seen of her. She's certainly not shy." Hitter
  • "A splash of Southern charm and hospitality that I didn't expect to see. Talking with Hypatia feels like home." Snips
  • "They say there is no such thing as a silly question. I think Hypatia took that a little to seriously because she is full of questions, some silly, but most thoughtful. Its what makes for a good Mysterium, curiosity." - Lana Volkov
  • Feel free to add any you've heard, either about her, or from her