Ignatius the Leper

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Kansas City, MO
Player: William Love
Storyteller: Russel M.

Ignatius the Leper

Information Known by Kindred Society

Noble, Authority as Seneschal of Kansas City

Privileged, Confirmed, and Established as an Elder of the Ivory Tower
Called Honorable by Master Harpy A. Winchester of Seattle
Favored by Guibert Murmure, Nosferatu Elder
Favored by Elder Cybele Malveaux of Clan Malkavian
Named Loyal by Mistress of Harpies for Kansas City Cybele Malveaux
Declared Defender by Prince Vaclav Kirchner of Kansas City

The origins of the Nosferatu known as Ignatius the Leper remain opaque. It is known he was found by his sire Guibert Murmure sometime in the late 17th century in a Venetian Lazaretto off of the Greek island of Corfu, but there is scant knowledge of his mortal existence before the Embrace.

Always seen to be wearing a mask, he seldom obfuscates his appearance when among other Kindred, preferring to simply cover his own flesh. The Nosferatu seems to possess a high degree of malice towards the Giovanni for unknown reasons, no doubt linked to his Venetian origins.


He has demonstrated martial skills and knowledge in the past, hinting at a background of soldiering before his Embrace.

After actively participating in Camarilla affairs during the 18th century, he subsequently withdrew from public engagement. Later resurfacing in the late 19th century, he traveled a recently reunified Italy. Eventually he resettled in the English port of Liverpool.

After the outbreak of the Great War, he left for the New World, becoming a presence in the Domain of Seattle. Recently he has settled in Kansas City, becoming a stalwart of Prince Kirchner's court. His larger motivation for relocating far from his beloved sea remains a mystery.

He now finds himself reluctantly elevated to the position of Seneschal, his sense of duty overcoming his reticence.

In modern nights, he is known for his somewhat grim temperament and, unlike many of his peers, his simple, laconic speaking manner.


  • The Matriarch (NPC)
    • Cassius, Lord of the Catacombs of Rome (NPC)
      • Josef von Bauren, Nosferatu Founder of the Camarilla (NPC)


  • Ignatius masqueraded as a Giovanni for over fifty years.
  • He is fiercely territorial, and brooks no trespass in his personal domain.
  • No Kindred has ever seen his face behind his mask.
  • He is uncomfortable far from the sea.
  • Ignatius comes from a Venetian patrician family and was cast out after acquiring leprosy.
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  • Say something worth hearing.
  • "Vigilant, mindful, ever watching. The panopticon. What is it that he sees? " - Cybele Malveaux
  • "He spoke his mind, when others were clamouring with louder voices - he did not turn from his principles, yet simply lifted up his own and gave praise to them"- Ardante Saint-Martin
  • "He and my sire didn't see eye to eye, but I can see where he's coming from." - David Swisher
  • "Ignatius is responsible for more than he realizes. I once regarded him merely as an asset, but he bloomed into much more. He is possessed of a tenacity that puts badgers to shame, and his drive to see our clan persevere will see him through to whatever end we have earned." - Guibert Murmure


  • "A fool convincing one hundred to follow him is not leadership, it is compounded stupidity."