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Awakening PC

Player: Skylar Rippke
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium ••••
Legacy: The House of Ariadne
Position: Heirophant; Heirarch-elect
Consilium: Signum Lucidium •••
City: Ankeny, IA
Cabal: The Sublime Practitioners of Enlightenment
VST: Joe Murphy

Shadow Name: Ileana

Sleeper Alias: Sarah


Does Troublemaker Count???

Heirophant of the Mysterium of Signum Lucidium

Acanthus Councilor of Signum Lucidium

Heirarch-elect of Signum Lucidium

Quote: "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually--from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint--it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly....timey-whimey... stuff" -The Tenth Doctor ("Blink")


Character Description

A Romani woman in her 20s, with a thick Romanian accent when she speaks. A constant gleam of mischievousness settles on her dark chocolate colored eyes, and a ready smile on her lips. She always has a Tarot deck and other divining tools on her. Plenty of shiny baubles in her gypsy pouches. A brown tattoo of an eye on the palm of her left hand.


Which one?


Tarot cards swirl around her like a tornado, bound by the chains of Fate. Further inspection reveals they are all a card from the Major Arcana, the Tower. Time seems to simultaneously speed up and slow down.


The Sublime Practitioners of Enlightenment, nicknamed the Elitists, is currently comprised of Marksman, Pluto, and Ileana. It formed out of the philosophical debates between Pluto and Marksman, and Ileana's tendency to go where Marksman least so far as a Cabal. Together, they focus on what it is to be their best self, and help the Consilium how and when they can.

Friends, Allies, and Acquaintances

  • Marksman-Friend, Lover, Sanity...kinda
  • Hypatia-The person that introduced her to mage society
  • Trainwreck-Friend, ally, partner in adventure
  • Albrich-Friend who always has her back, and she has his
  • Pluto-Cabal Mate, research companion, and person who lets her research all the magical and mundane items that came with his house.
  • Doccione-Shopping buddy, but that's about it.
  • Vigil - Mentor, cohort, bauble giver.
  • Pandora -Apprentice...poor fool
  • La Calavera
  • Mara


  • Has a talent for dodging responsibility
  • Has been through at least three Atlantian Temples...maybe more
  • While good at dodging responsibility, has a knack for finding trouble, but that trouble tends to have big payouts
  • Couldn't avoid responsibility, and is now Councilor for the Acanthus, and a Heirophant in the Mysterium
  • Keeps her rusty, beat up '88 Buick running with Fate magic...just to annoy her cabal-mate.

  • Feel free to add your own

Acanthus Ramblings

  • "I'm done looking ahead for danger when no one listens to what I say when I warn them!" -On a rant about the consilium and their disregard for the warnings she gives.
  • "Busy, very busy, I think I have had only a few dull days....and even then I still can easily find trouble to get into."

Quotes About Her

  • Feel free to add any you've heard about her
  • "Far, far too Acanthus for my taste; all free and airy. She is incredibly powerful and incredibly loyal, just need to attach a tether to her." - Pluto
  • "And there goes Ileana. Three... Two.... One..." *Ileana screams* "I so called that..." - Lana Volkov after watching Ileana run off to another room to ask the universe a question.