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Awakening PC

Player: Christopher Beck
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: None
Position: None
City: Lawrence, KS
Cabal: Watchers of the Wild
VST: Eli Warren

Birth Name: Gregory Jameson

Shadow Name: Ink

Sleeper Alias: Dean McFarlan

Title: First Talon of the Unguis Draconis, First Degree Master

Character Livejournal:

Quote: "I'm good at what I do..."

Character Description

Personality Description:

shirtless? okay!

Ink is what some would call a bad boy, though underneath the rough exterior the man has a soul and a heart of gold; though it may be a bit tarnished. He tends to be jovial in most circumstances though when the going gets tough, his entire demeanor will change and he will appear to be almost an entirely new person who is quiet and calculating. Though he is always learning about the world and about himself, he is still determined to have a good time. After witnessing the destruction of his cabal, Ink has become more of a fan of living life to the fullest (because you don’t know when you’ll wind up dead). He keep his allies and friends close while he throws himself into his Vices.

Physical Description
Ink is a fairly handsome young man, he is athletic and built like a soccer player. His septum is pierced and his ears are both gaged to 0g. His left arm has a sleeve tattoo of a gothic koi fish pond. His eyes glow faintly blue to those with mage sight.


A sense of powerful sexual arousal grows in those watching Ink cast magic as a feral growl is heard nearby.


  • 1986 - Born
  • 2003 - Graduates High School and attends the Art Institute in New York City for Graphic Design.
  • 2004 - Ink Awakens during the Black Party.
  • 2006 - Meets Aestus. His first cabal, the Triad, is formed with him stepping in as the Wielder of Courage.
  • 2007
    • March: The Triad is decimated during a battle with Banishers and ink escapes after a bloody battle after interring his friends on the battle field and grows two oak trees near the graves to commemorate them.
    • May: Ink receives Dragon's Wrath, an enhanced bastard sword, from Forge that was originally meant for his cabal mate, Hawk.
    • December: Approaches Cowboy and Aestus to join the Adamantine Arrow, because he wanted to become a protector for the world, mages and Sleepers alike.
  • 2008 - Ink graduates college and opens his tattoo parlor, Ink Stop in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • 2010 - Ink is on the front lines of the Topeka Paradox Storm to try and keep Lawrence and the surrounding areas safe. He is ordered to stay back while the rest of the group goes ahead and is the only survivor of his squad.


Ink Relaxing.jpg
  • Captain Jack Harkness - Torchwood
  • Tony Stark - Iron Man
  • Captain Steven Rogers - Captain America

Looking For

  • People he has done tattoos for
  • Have you been a one night stand? A lover?
  • Friends
  • Enemies


  • His brother is Bodhi. They don't see each other because of some unknown reasons.


  • "Wanna fuck?" - Overheard from Ink at a bar
  • "Ink be my brudder, my parabatai. Okay so I haven't seen 'em in long long, but time not dilute brotherhood." - Bodhi Vajra-Kai
  • "Bodhi lost a close friend, I may not have been impressed by Ink, that Bodhi was speaks volumes." - Shofar
  • "I remember before. He was so confident, so full of life. And he went off with the two people he wanted by his side. And never came back. Hard to make that make sense." - Zou
  • "Live dutifully, die honorably, and leave a beautiful corpse." - Doccione

Out of Character

  • Player: Christopher Beck
  • Location: Manhattan, Kansas
  • The image is of model/actor Jonathan Agassi, not of the player.