Innocenzo Di Santis

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Don Innocenzo Di Santis

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: Stockton, CA
Player: Rudy F.
Storyteller: Michael H.

Sire: Mercutio Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni (Approval#: USA-SW-VC-1307-006705)

Notable Traits: [Pending]

Titles: Don Incennzo Di Santis Giovanni

Status: "Recognized" by Prince Occam of San Francisco, and Prince Notaku of Modesto.

Aliases: "Il Custode," Crucifagio Ruggieri, Nazario Carrafielo Di Santis


On Mannerisms:

On first meeting Innocenzo Di Santis most would offer that he is not the most affable person in the room. Some even offer that he probably doesn’t like most people. Some might even go so far as to say that he loathes most people. Fortunately the later people who believe this way about Di Santis are either few and far between or dead. Most believe him to be a man of his word and therefore an effective ally. His detractors find him to be slightly tedious and pedantic, but then that probably is because they’re worried that he has some deceitful scheme in the works, which is of course probably true.

On Appearance:

Innocenzo de Santis is a man who places a good deal of importance on first impressions and appearances. As such he appears neat, clean, and well-kept. His features are strong, and solid, with a goatee and thick black hair. His eyes are sharp and discerning. His style is blend of modern cut suits, and classic colors (predominately Earth-Tones). He is especially fond of suits from Armand Basi and Giorgio Armani. His manner is one of contained attention and focus. And although his attention to his surroundings rarely wanes, he is a keen observer of the subtle ebb and flow of Kindred Society. His primary weapon of choice is his mind and cunning, though he is also quite capable with a sword or other mundane weapons. He is an especially deft handler of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and even horses.

Descriptive Words:

Alert, Candid, Obsessive, Passionate, Competitive, Vengeful, Vengeful, Deceitful, and Pragmatic.

Information Known by Kindred Society


Don Innocenzo Di Santis Giovanni is a Known Elder of the Giovanni Family. Most in society know him to be a polite guest that is both engaging and intimidating. His is also known to be a man of his word. If he says he is going to do something one can be certain that he will have it done. This makes his threats more certainty than threat. If asked he will offer that his present evening duties include management of an import and export company that is based in Italy with offices across the globe. The largest of these being in the deep water port of Stockton in California. If pressed for details about his responsibilities in the Giovanni family, Don Innocenzo usually offers something innocuous, such as, “I am a tutor,” or “Quality Management.” He has even offered that he is in “Human Resources.” This usually offers a level of discomfort to most attentive Kindred.

If asked for an opinion on the Camarilla he usually offers that he believes the Camarilla has the best of intentions. He will add that their uplifting message and noble goals are truly worthy of notice. However he may also add that such freedom usually comes at a steep price and that unless properly administered, Camarilla justice can breed discontent and disunity. No, given the chance, he prefers the loyalty, security, and structure of the Giovanni family. “Within the family Giovanni we enjoy the best of all worlds. Our way inspires growth, discipline, and initiative. Our ways allow for us to see all things, from all viewpoints and it is precisely this sort of world vision that enables us to thrive.” One could certainly say that he is a believer.

As noted above, Don Innocenzo is a man of his word. This makes his business dealings concise and efficient. Those in his employ or under his control are disciplined, and steadfast. Most would say that he goes out of his way to avoid hot-heads, sociopaths, and heroes. Rumor offers that his personal motto is, “Measure your target twice, and draw your blade once.”.” He is definitely a man of talent, but even more so, he is a man who has an eye for talent. This makes him an especially good man to have if one is seeking to employ those with very specific skills sets. “I do not offer thugs, gangsters, and common criminals. I offer professionals who follow orders and move seamlessly in the night. If you want something done, and done right, the first time. Then come to me. I will find what you are looking for.”

In Recent Nights:

In these most recent nights Don Innocenzo finds himself in the port city of Stockton, California. As a stockholder in an international shipping company he usually finds himself occupied with the exchanging of goods, services, and monies. And as Stockton is the Giovanni Demesne of the Province of the Northern San Joaquin Valley, he can usually be found somewhere in the city (if one is eager, brave or desperate enough to find him). On occasion he serves as a diplomat or envoy to the Camarilla Demesne of Stanislaus in Modesto and Turlock California. Overall he maintains a steadfast reputation for solid business dealings and boon exchanges. Now whether or not he is doing something on the sly besides mentoring other Giovanni and general profit-seeking is entirely subjective, but also probably true.


Greatx2 Grandsire: Cappadocius

Great-Grandsire: Augustus Giovanni

Grandsire: Ignazio Giovanni

Sire: Mercutio Giovanni

Known Childer

Gracciano Giovanni
Desideria Maestri di Santis Giovanni

Known Grand-Childer

* No Known Grand-Childer

Known Great-Grand-Childer

* No Known Great-Grand-Childer

Allies (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

Giovanni Symbol.png

* Sybil Giovanni
"* Angelo
* Mateo Giovanni
* [OOC: Please feel free to add]

Quotes (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

  • "Big Daddy seems like a hardened ball of mean, but, deep down he is a fluff ball." - Eva Giovanni
  • "I know, he has dedicated himself to our family in ways I cannot even begin to comprehend. How could I feel anything but gratitude and adoration? Yet...ah, nevermind." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Three things you need to know about the Don. Number one: Don't stain his carpets. Number two: Don't challenge his knowledge of viticulture. And three: For God's sake, don't call him Uncle Ino. Just trust me on that one." - Frankie Giovanni
  • "Don Innocenzo? Well, whaddya wanna know? Ya wanna know how old he is? Older than you, pibsqueak. Wanna know how powerful he is? Ditto. Wanna know what his weakness is? You asked the wrong Family, shit-for-brains. Wanna know how soon he'll find out you're asking after him? Trick question: he already does, honey!" - Sybil Giovanni
  • "I went to a Stones concert with this bloke once. Good lad. Seem to have his head straight. Maybe straighter then any other Giovanni I have ever met." -- Thomas Edwin Thayne
  • "Business between the Giovanni and the Camarilla can be a delicate subject and the nuances of the Promise can be at times difficult to navigate. I am thankful for the watchful eye of Don Innocenzo. His patience and diplomacy are cornerstones to healthy relations with Clan Giovanni." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "As my experience with Giovanni is fairly limited, Don Incennzo gives me a odd sense of honor and respect, I'm not used to this kind of Giovanni but I'm not against this become the norm." -- Alister MacArthur
  • "A gracious host, a wise speaker, and a strong leader. It is my honor to work with him in any capacity as he recognizes my potential." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "He once said to me "Aut cum scuto aut in scuto." I took it to heart." - Angelo Giovanni
  • "He made me feel a part of something with open arms and embrace. I will need to remain diligent in remembering that I am not, and that temptation does not equate truth. But that does not change the respect I hold for this man." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Don Innocenzo is vibrant. We are partners in that English is definitely not our first language, and that we do not abide disrespect." - Mr. Chen
  • "One of the more interesting Elders I've met. Don't cross this one." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "Don Innocenzo is a Man of Great Stature, and that's not something I say about many people. His calm demeanor has settled quite a few of my hot-headed bretheren, but don't be fooled. Weak, he is not. It may take a lot to push the good Don to such lengths as to lash out, but pity on the person who truly invokes his Ire." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "Why, oh why, do we not spend more time together?! Really! It's a shame. Every time we see each other, we flirt until the entire room has blushed crimson, and I wouldn't have it any other way." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "I always listen closely when Don Innocenzo speaks. There is something enthralling about his phrasing. Granted, I have also heard his backhand speaks volumes as well." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "There is no one in this world I would rather steal cars with." - Dezi
  • "Don Innocenzo is quiet, contemplative, precise, and effective...I actually learned a lot from him, and believe me the lessons weren't learned easy. But trust me, I learned 'em. So you wanna test his teaching skills?." - Auggie
  • "Don Innocenzo is quite the educator and patron. That being said, one does not wish to wake a slumbering beast, now do they?" ~ Mateo Giovanni
  • [OOC: Please feel free to add]

Rumors (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

* Innocenzo Di Santis is the LEAST vengeful Giovanni most have ever met.
* He did kill most of his mortal family though, but then they had it coming.
* He has spent several lifetimes cleaning up other people messes, hence the nickname: "Il Custode."
* Innocenzo Di Santis was involved in a bloody battle between the Giovannit and the Sabbat that spilled out into the crowd at the Altamont Speedway. The Giovanni were victorious.

* [OOC: Please feel free to add]

OOC: Information & Contact

Player: Rudy F. (US2002022628)

Rudy F.


Domain of the Twilight Chronicles (CA-037-D), Modesto & Stockton, California