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Changeling PC

Player: Deej Barens
Character: Intoxibella
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Treasured
Court: Spring
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Character Information


Name: Intoxibella (Deceased)

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Treasured

Court: Spring Mantle 2

Notable Traits: Light blue skin with a slight sparkly translucence. White flowing hair with strands of silver. Dressed in a long blue dress with a silver and blue corset, which never come off. This was the last form she took before being rescued.

Title or Position:

Durance Spent as an ice scuplture, but constantly changing depending on the whim of her keeper. Each time she melted down, she was refrozen and scuplted once again. Was often used as a centerpiece at Gentry balls and other important gathering.

Known History She is the youngest of three sisters who was always protected from their less than ideal life by both Elanor (eldest) and Zoe (middle). She was always more concerned with the happiness of others rather than her own. Both of her sisters were eventually taken in their search for her and rescued her from Arcadia. They now live together once more, but she has been quite shattered from the experience. Intoxibella doesn't remember much and when pressured to try to remember she will shut down into a fugue state, occasionally freezing in position.

She is incredibly shy and hardly speaks above a whisper until she feels safe with someone. Will often shy away from the more monsterous looking until she is assured they won't eat her.

Death of Intoxibella

Forever putting other people's needs before her own, she finally had enough when the man she was falling in love with, Pierce Thornwood, was reminded that he has a wife and children.

In the past, she would have help him reunite with his wife and merge with his fetch, but she had enough. She didn't want him to go back as he was supposed to be in love with her. He was helping her relate to people again after being extremely mentally damaged from her durance. She had gone to great trouble and danger when Pierce was taken into the hedge by the Shadow People to gain help in their war with the mechanicals.

The corset that was sculpted onto her by the artist Issac (who perished in the zombie attack the night she died) was becoming tighter every time she felt smothered and controlled. Something snapped inside at losing Pierce she ripped the corset off, also ripping her torso to shreds in the process.

She was too far gone, even despite the efforts of the blinded Shotgun Awe, there was no way to bring her back. Her older sister Zoe, desperate to bring her sister back to life, carried her into the hedge, never to return.

Friends and Associates

Adriana Valdis
Fellow Spring Courtier, they developed a friendship. Adriana often served as a buffer between Intoxibella and Shotgun Awe.
Pierce Thornwood After spending some time with him gardening, she fell deeply in love with him.

Shotgun Awe: She was scared of him as how he acted reminded her of one of her drunk mother's boyfriends, who made advances on her as a child. They managed to develop an understanding, Shotgun reluctantly toned himself down when around her at Adriana's insistence.


She's really a Spring Assassin sent to destroy those that have angered the Queen. Asha may be the next one on her list of targets.

It is said that the day she gives into her desires openly she will melt, becoming a completely different seeming and kith. Her true seeming and kith

Adrianna is in the court only to get close to her. Whether it's to kill her or fuck her is needed to be seen

She's really a Satrap of Pearls in disguise, she's so quiet because she is looking for a mark.

She's so quiet because she desires only to know other's secrets, and listens to what everyone says

She is just a hedgespun piece of art that makes Changelings hallucinate when they see it to make them think she's actually a person!

Her heart melted away long ago, leaving a vast cavern in her chest. She uses it to store breath mints!

She's just a wizened that wanted to look pretty one day, and constructed an icy automaton to serve as a vessel. Her real name is actually... Barry the Butcher

She was taken to keep her away from her sisters, the Gentry not anticipating the lengths they would go through to try and find her.

If you want to make her freeze, just say the word, "Fuck". If it doesn't work the same time, just keep saying it.

She's quite frigid.

She got punched so hard by a rock star, that she died.

The song Intoxicating might be about her.

OOC Information

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Player:Deej Barens

C@M Number: CA2009120101

Location:New Westminster, BC