Isaac Alfort

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Sabbat Ankh

"I'm not gay, but $20 is $20."


as a True Sabbat
Charles Edward Lennox III, Cardinal of the South
First Templar, Birmingham Alabama
Fleeting Status
Fleeting Status
Fleeting Status

Lasombra Crown


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Isaac Picture


♔ 1933Born - Brooklyn, New York
♔ 1964Embraced
♔ 2014Moved to Birmingham, Alabama
♔ 2015First Templar - Birmingham, Alabama
♔ 2015Bishop of War - Birmingham, Alabama


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File:Notes Lennox.png

Bishop of War - Birmingham, Alabama
Abbot - of Fire and Ice


♔ Isaac's left eye is bright white; his right eye is crimson
♔ Isaac rarely uncovers his face. His features are lean, and unnaturally attractive
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Isaac Picture 2"An elder sister is a blessing and a burden to her brothers. A lesson and a gift. We test the strength of our brothers. We build their patience through trial and tribulation. We teach them right from wrong. Good from evil. We bring them joy and heartbreak. Laughter and rage. We break them, and help them rebuild. In the end we help mold and shape our broommates into the best soldiers and leaders we can. With time he will stop hating me, with time he will understand. Until then I will continue my job, and I despair for the Cainite who thinks Isaac is an easy target. Crossing him on his own is deadly, and behind him will always be his elder sister and brother."Celeste Lennox
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File:OOC Isaac4.png

Isaac Alfort

Player: Stephanie Nelms
Character: Isaac Alfort
Clan: Lasombra
Domain: Birmingham, Alabama
VST: Ed Coleman

If you are interested in ties, please feel free to contact me. I'm always up for developing roleplay connections, either as allies or enemies.


♔ The Bug - Magnetic Man

♔ Forty Six and 2 - Tool

♔ Man Overboard - Puscifer