Isaac Brasher

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Character Information
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Camarilla
City: New York, NY
Player: Ilan N. US2010096642
Storyteller: Sean M.
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General Information



  • Governor's Counsel
  • Sheriff's Deputy

Notable Traits:

  • Eerie Presence (black and gold eyes)
  • Former Ghoul


What You See

Isaac looks to be in his late twenties and is usually seen in a vest and jeans. Though he carries himself with a quiet dignity, there's an edge to him that speaks of one brought up on the streets. His eyes have a yellow tinge, possibly a leftover from the years when Gangrel blood flowed in his veins.

What You Get

It takes a composed man to mingle with monsters. Luckily, Isaac Brasher is practically unflappable. A man with a great deal of presence among humans, Isaac was intelligent enough to stay in the background when among kindred as a ghoul. How he will be as a Neonate is not yet known.

What You've Heard

Isaac is known to be the owner of the restaurant and boutique bourbon distillery, Brooklyn Holler. He also owns a number of hotels and properties around the city.

Formerly the ghoul of Jasper Stark. During the two and a half months of Jasper Stark's kidnapping by the Sabbat, Isaac was willed to Croix, Jasper's sire, until he could be found. Isaac is now back with Jasper after his regnant's escape from the Sabbat's clutches. However, Jasper's return was all too brief, as he eventually died fighting a Sabbat pack, loyal to the Tower till the end.

Left in Jasper's will to Lazuli of clan Ravnos, Isaac's life took a very different turn when she chose to Embrace him instead of keep him as a ghoul.

Rap Sheet


  • Isaac has a hand in a number of illegal enterprises in NYC.
  • Isaac was ghouled by Jasper Stark in 2000.
  • Between 2000-2006, Isaac seemed to keep aging, even though he was stated to be a ghoul.
  • Isaac has been known to have a penchant for attractive, if not particularly bright, women.
  • Isaac is a fantastic bartender and crafter of spirits.
  • Isaac's embrace was not planned.
  • Add your own.

Word On The Streets

From Him

  • "Don't worry, if they want to rile me, they're going to have to up their game past the level of schoolyard pettiness. It's kind of sad, really."
  • In response to if he minds how some Kindred treat him: "Ma'am, have you ever worked in the customer service industry? This isn't unique to Kindred--and Prince Stark is far better to work for than any humans."
  • "To accept the Embrace is to accept Jasper's death. I refuse to give up on him."
  • "Are you dreaming Isaac?" "Fuck, I hope I am."

About Him

As A Ghoul

  • "Useful. Obedient. Handsome. What more could you ask for? Just don't forget that he is the ghoul of a gangrel and that is a rare precious thing indeed." -Bridgette
  • "The Ottoman? Watch your step, because he'll remember if you step on him. Bless your heart if you live to regret it." - Toby Dior, Master Harpy of NYC
  • "His loyalty goes beyond the blood. And his customer service is excellent." - Lea Winters
  • "49 73 61 61 63 20 69 73 20 73 6f 20 66 65 72 76 65 6e 74 20 69 6e 20 68 69 73 20 73 65 72 76 69 63 65 2e 20 53 75 63 68 20 6c 6f 79 61 6c 74 79 2e 20 41 6e 64 20 68 65 20 68 61 73 20 61 20 70 6c 65 61 73 61 6e 74 20 6c 61 75 67 68 2e" - Finn Winters
  • "I always find those of the in between places intriguing. What is it like, to exist as he does? I am interested to see his future." -Lazuli

As A Vampire

The Circle of Trust

Allies & Contacts


OOC Information

Player: Ilan

MES Number: US2010096642

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

Other Characters: Nikolas Asteria (Requiem), Ryan Olsen (Lost), Cat (Mage), Simon (Accord)