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The information presented in the Background section is considered OOC unless your PC has reason to know it ICly.

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Character Information - This PC is now Deceased

Name: Isabella Marie Johnson
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Ancilla
Position: Servire to Archon Luca Bianci


* Acknowledged within the Camarilla
* Confirmed within the Camarilla

* Acclaimed according to Primogen Moore of New Orleans, LA
* Courageous according to Elder Prince Padre of San Juan, PR
* Courteous according to Elder Prince Dravon of New Orleans, LA
* Favored according to Elder Stoneking of Austin, TX
* Loyal according to Archon Papa Aquitaine of Omaha, NE

Notable Traits:

* Sees ghosts
* Shy and quiet
* Strong resemblance between her and Ian Johnson
* Trained mathematician