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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Isadora Devine, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere

-- played by Sarah Wade (US2013010018), Isadora.devine @ gmail
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"


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Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••••
Coterie: Black Hats
Conspiracy: LUXCorps ••••
Cadence: 5
City: Columbus GA ••
Player: Sarah Wade
Storyteller: Kimberly Cooper


Additional Character Information

Current Name: Countess Isadora Devine
Birth Name: Regina Faradey
Embrace Date: November, 1934
Apparent Age: 25
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: The First Estate
City: Columbus, GA
Current City Positions Held: None
Family: House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere
Conspiracy: SE Regional Vice President, LUXCorps
Coterie: Black Hats
Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, Social Chameleon, Cadence 5

The Story of Isadora "Izzy" Devine


Born Regina Faradey to Parents Maria and George Faradey. Maria died in childbirth, leaving her father and older brother Nathan Faradey, who was 12 at the time of her birth to raise her. It was a hard time to be a parent at all, let alone a single parent. George did the best he could, He was a farmer which ensured that they would at least have something on the table, but they were at the mercy of the harvester trust, the barbed-wire trust, the fertilizer trust, and the railroads. The farm was failing; the drought in the summer of 1919 devastated the farm. The bank threatened to take their farm, the crops weren’t doing well enough to pay the mortgage. In 1920, with the prohibition of alcohol, her father and brother saw a way to save the farm. They began making moonshine and selling it to the bootleggers to take into the city. Things were looking up, the mortgage was paid, there was food on the table and it looked like everything was going to be okay. The crops were still not doing so great, the drought had made certain of that, but they were going to make it.

When Isadora was 17 (1926), The bootleggers her father was selling to decided they were paying too much for the moonshine and tried to talk her father down in price. They were already selling less than any of the other moonshiners and were getting a lot of harassment from them, so going any lower was cutting his own throat. When he refused to lower his prices, they argued and then they shot him.

The bootleggers scoured the farm looking for her and her brother. They found Nathan, but he managed to talk his way out of ending up like his father. Regina was hiding in a secret room in the barn. They never found her.

She and her brother swore to avenge their father and tracked down the bootleggers that killed him. Unfortunately, seeking vengeance against them wasn’t going to be easy because they were knee deep in mafia connections. So she gathered as much information as she could about them and took it to the police. The police laughed in her face, and told her she was a stupid kid, if she wanted to testify against them, it would do nothing but incriminate her Brother and Father of illegal bootlegging. She knew if she pressed the matter, they would come after her. A man named Jonathan Drake, the Editor for a local newspaper overheard their conversation and took an interest in the information that she had gathered. He bought the information from her for a few dollars and ran an article in the news the next morning exposing the bootleggers, detailing the murder and other nefarious deeds. The reporter that Drake gave the story to went missing shortly after the article ran. This encounter led her to a career as an Investigative journalist, with an emphasis on Mafia activities. She was threatened often, beaten numerous times, but was smart enough to keep her head down and hide behind a pseudonym: Riley Mathers. All of her news articles were published under this pen name.

In 1928 her brother contracted Tuberculosis and was admitted to the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium for treatment. She put her life on hold and ended her investigative journalism career to be his nursemaid. The illness killed him in 1929 and she continued to work as a Nursemaid to help those who were suffering from the illness. While working as a nurse in the Chicago Institution for the Terminally Ill she discovered a rampant corruption within the inner workings of the hospitals. The Dr’s and nurses were not only selling the medicines that were intended to cure patients and abusing the narcotic drugs, but they were using some of the patients to experiment on, Particularly patients with blood disorders. Isadora decided to take up her investigative journalism again, but this time she would investigate the corruption of the medical profession instead of mafia activity.

She contracted Tuberculosis herself in 1934 while investigating the care of other patients. Her illness developed quickly and while lying in her bed one night, dying, A man came into her room. He said his name was Aldarico Nikkos and that he wouldn’t bother her, he just needed to get a sample of her blood, for testing. While he was talking, he realized who she was. He’d read her articles and seen her investigative notes, he recognized her beauty and told her that it was such a waste to see such beauty and talents die. His original plan had been simply to feed from her, but his lust for control over her drove him to embrace her.

After her release into Kindred Society, Isadora joined the Carthian Movement following in her Aunt Hayden Sinclair’s footsteps and attempted to aid her in her attempts to revive the movement. She left her new family in 1951 to travel the world and gain a broader understanding of the way the world worked. Parties and Galas and societies top events were her bread and butter while she was abroad and she learned very quickly how to blend into just about any crowd. She could hobnob with the upper class or slum it with the bums in the alleys. She found that she rather enjoyed studying the effects of mind altering substances on human behavior, and how their social standing affects the way they react to the drugs. In addition, she found that she wanted to know what happened to the kindred who fed from an intoxicated mortal. She tested the waters a few times herself, but mostly she found some fledgling neonate to do the grunt work, offering trivial trinkets and favors in exchange for the valuable information she was acquiring by studying them after a feeding. In 1963 she returned to the states, to a town called Staunton in Virginia after hearing about their Shakespeare Theater and while there she met a Gangrel named “Isk” who she recruited as her first long term test subject. She studied the effects of blood intoxicated with varying substances on the physiology of the Gangrel and kept extensive notes on the results of her studies. Her findings from this hobby were recorded in a journal that she keeps under lock and key.

The longer she traveled and the more time she spent studying the kine, the more she came to the realization that it could actually be possible for kindred and kine to walk the world together, in full knowledge of each other, but that it was something that would take time and very careful planning. It was after this realization that she decided to return home, to her family at House Loris.

In 1975 She returned to Columbus, GA and began working with her Sire, for his company Hexal. She worked mostly in publication and marketing and began writing a column and working in ads in a local paper to promote the advances and products of Hexal. In addition to promoting the products and advances, she engages her readers and requests feedback from them to gauge the interest level of the products and services being offered by Hexal.

In 1980, Isadora moved to Huntsville, AL where she continued writing her column for a new demographic, bringing the goals and research of LUXCorps to a new area. Her column was marginally successful with nowhere near the following she had anticipated. In response, she started Adorasi Publications where she is the CEO and Editor for “Vanity” magazine which focuses on the science of beauty, as well as several Medical Journals where she publishes LUXCorps research (Only that which she is given permission to print) in an attempt to recruit more manpower for the Organization.

Isadora currently maintains the newspaper column, mostly as a pet project. The column, called “A Dose of Vanity”,extols the virtues of scientific advances and gushes about the latest trends in Fashion, Cosmetics, Surgical Enhancement, Pharmaceuticals, and other related topics. She writes under the pen name “Izzy Darling” and as always, encourages her readers to write to her giving her their valuable feedback.

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House Loris
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  • October 13, 1909 - Born Regina Faradey to a small farming family on the Outskirts of Chicago, IL. Her mother dies in Childbirth
  • 1926 - Her father is killed by bootleggers.
  • 1929 - loses her brother to Tuberculosis.
  • Early 1934 - Contracts Tuberculosis and begins to die.
  • Late 1934 - Meets Aldarico Nikkos of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere and is Embraced into the world of darkness.
  • 1951 - Released to Kindred Society and goes walkabout to explore the US, Europe and Australia.
  • 1952 - Meets |Lucien Ashford while partaking in her hobby of experimentation on the effects of intoxicated blood on the kindred Beast. He joins her in her travels to make sure that she is treating the mortals fairly, and they become fast friends. They continue traveling together for many years, and are still in contact occasionally in modern nights.
  • April 1954 - Meets Sebastian Montague in a small town outside of Chicago, IL. He agrees to be one of her test subjects on the effects of intoxicated blood on the kindred beast and spends several months working with her, trying to recruit her into the Ordo Dracul by touting the benefits of its scientific nature.
  • 1963 - Returns to the states to a small town in Virginia and meets a Gangrel named Izquixochitl who she recruited as her first long term test subject.
  • 1972 - Traveled to Sydney Australia to explore the outback and while there met a man named Antoine Rotheby, whom she became fascinated with for how much he reminded her of her beloved cousin Wesley Reader.
  • 1973 - Discovered that Antoine Rotheby was dying of cancer and decided that she wouldn't allow him to suffer the pain and humiliation of chemotherapy and Embraced him into the world of darkness in Sydney Australia.
  • 1975 - Returns to Columbus, GA for a short time
  • 1980 - Moves to Huntsville, AL
  • 1983 - Isadora begins writing a column for the local paper called "A dose of Vanity"
  • 1995 - With the help of her cousin Dr. Wesley Reader Isadora Founds Arodasi Publications in Huntsville, AL and begins production of a magazine called "Vanity" as well as several medical journals.
  • 1996 - On a business trip to Chicago, IL Isadora meets Hal Fischer and through their shared love of science, she contracts him as a regular contributor to her scientific journals.
  • 1998-2013 - Isadora is rarely seen in Kindred Circles, choosing to devote her time to maintaining her company and assets for the family.
  • 2013 - Isadora is appointed 'Daeva Senator' of Huntsville, AL and is granted Tenurial domain in the Historical, 5 points and Downtown districts of Huntsville, AL.
  • 2013 - Isadora is invited to and joins the SE Prince's Imperium, Concordia Noctis (See category links) by the Prince of Columbus, GA; Duke Asher Al-Khalid
  • 2014 - January, Claimed Praxis of 8 Counties of Northern Alabama.
  • 2014 - July, Relinquished Praxis of Huntsville and moved to Columbus, GA to be closer to the members of her house, and to assist the city in the troubles that plague them.


Please feel free to add rumors!

  • Isadora's research journal contains extremely sensitive information about a great number of princes in Europe.
  • Izzy sings into a hairbrush in the shower, imagining that she is a great opera singer.
  • Isadora has tried more than half the drugs she has tested on other Kindred.
  • Izzy is actually bald, and her hair changes because they are wigs to hide this fact
  • Isadora Is well versed in many subcultures, none of which would be discussed in church.


Please feel free to add quotes of things you have heard Izzy say!

  • "Vivacious and passionate with a surprising amount of wit and intellect, Izzy is more than just a pretty face. Do not underestimate her." ~ Izquixochitl
  • "Caring, capable, charismatic and downright fun. She is the aunt that every niece wish they have." ~ Yuuko Miyako


Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Isadora Devine, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere"

-- played by Sarah Wade
-- MES Number:US2013010018
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"