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Basic Statistics

  • Subject Name: Isaiah Johnson

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Aliases: The Inquisitor; Agent Johnson

  • Known Factions:

  • Known Location: Houston, TX

Physical Description:

Isaiah is a modern Kindred. He dresses typically in sports coats, designer t-shirts and blue jeans. He is more rarely seen, and usually only on the hunt, dressed in something more reminiscent of his mortal life, complete with boots and a six shooter belted to his waist. He is a genial man, when people are not acting the fool, and then becomes dour and angry.

General Knowledge:

A relatively young kindred. Embraced in the 20's, he was a former Pinkerton agent turned Private Investigator.

Joined the Thought Police in an official capacity in 1944. Has been dispatched by the organization to help with the interrogation of "difficult" subjects.

Has an extensive knowledge of the Fae, and works to ensure kindred remain untainted by their otherworldly influence.

He is a Knight of the Moon, and has developed unique applications for the Dominate discipline.

Is well known to be an open Thought Police agent, and handler of assets.

Cultural Standing

  • Prominent (Abiding) - as Harpy of Houston, TX.

  • Noble (Abiding) - as Harpy of Houston, TX.

  • Guardian (Abiding) - as Harpy of Houston, TX.

  • Confirmed (Abiding) - as Ancillae.


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* Isaiah is his name, but Johnson is just his latest surname.
* He is the principle agent of Chandra.
* He has mastered Dominate to a level that he has developed UNIQUE powers or techniques.

Quotes & Citations:

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* Loyalty is rewarded, dissent is eliminated. - Isaiah Johnson
* Somewhere along the way he found his way to a beautiful butterfly, and one day you will all see him stretch his wings. - Cassandra of the Moon
* Your quote here. - Name

Tools of the Trade:

Technical Details...

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Houston, TX
Player: Troy Stults
Storyteller: Lindsey Vaughn

Player: Troy Stults
ID: US2005022871
Domain: Austin, TX
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  • Dexter

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