Isaiah Valence

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Sabbat PC

Player: Adam A
Character: Isaiah Valence
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Abbot
Domain: Philadelphia, PA
VST: Phil R

Basic Information


  • Isaiah? Valence


  • Lasombra


  • Occam's Razor (Abbott)

Political Faction:

  • Moderate

Notable Traits:

  • Seems to give out a different name to everyone he meets.
  • Descriptive thing here

Facts known to Society/anyone who cares enough to ask around

  • Stuff goes here at some point


  • He spent several months in Em's basement before anyone else in the city interacted with him. Something about tentacles and shit.
  • Ends up ordering a large amount of soundproofing material for his pack's haven.
  • Something about a massive orgy once? I don't know.


Things he said

"Tonight, our city sees two new Bishops standing in their Bath. There have been all manner of questions asked of you, and good answers have been given all around. So I offer instead a piece of advice, to both of you. You are not alone in these nights. Look around you, and you'll see fellow members of the Sword. We are your brothers, and so when your duties require of you more than you can provide, remember that you are not alone, and that for the good of the Sword, you must sometimes swallow your pride. I offer you now my assistance in carrying out your given tasks, for your actions bring security and strength to the Sabbat." ~ At the Blood Bath(s) of Bishops Levi Stone and Griffin
"You think Em controls me? Let me make this clear. We fuck. Alot. But she does not control me. I am her Abbot, and she my Ductus. I defer to her leadership in any Ductus-ey areas. Although I will concede that I am not 100% certain of all that a Ductus does, and so I do tend to err on the side of she can rot my dick off." ~ Clearing up a slight misconception
"What did you guys win? Um, 'the fuck would I know? Fine, as I am basically nothing, I see you all as cool." ...(under breath) "needy bastards" ~ After 'congratulating' The Experiment on winning a skill challenge

Said about him

"What a dick. Seriosuly, he's the kind of asshole who would make up quotes for his wiki page" ~ Someone I Inevitably Offended
'Add your quote here!'

Packmates and Allies

Occam's Razor

Suicide Kings

Children of Skaathi

OOC Stuff

Member Information
Player: Adam A
Member Number: US2013060046
MC: 5
Region: EC
Domain: PA-015-D
Coordinator: Jonathan S.
Storyteller: Jeremy W.

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Other Chars

Credit: Rachel Sanks