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Awakening PC

Player: Kate P.
Path: Spinner
Order: Labyrinth
Legacy: Sicarius
Position: Explainer of Wizard Things
Consilium: La Perla Del Sur
City: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Cabal: Cabal of the Lecherous Spider
VST: [mailto:]

Rumored picture of Isnana

Birth Name: Not Public Knowledge

Shadow Name: Isnana

Sleeper Alias: Lots

Offices: Explainer of Wizard Things

Quote: 'I can promise it'll be the time of your life. I can't promise you'll survive it.'


  • Met an Unknown number of Awakened in her Travels. There always seems to be more of them.
  • Met the 'love of her life' and promptly disappeared on him.
  • Returns to Puerto Rico with newborn triplet girls.
  • Attends a convention of supernaturals in Puerto Rico, signing onto an ancient Pact and saving a small passel of Wizards from Abyssal water
  • Uses her Patented Wizard Detector to begin attending Consilium meetings in Perla Del Sur
  • Her family is nearly murdered by a rogue apostate cabal, including her infant daughters.
  • She helps lock up the rogue apostate cabal.
  • Visits Atlantis, much to her confusion
  • Assists Consilium in bringing in a rogue Shifter damaging the Veil
  • Helps clean up after small Death God Invasion
  • Helps counter attempts to ruin good names of Consilium members/arrest consilium
  • She grows tired of waiting on Consilium judgement after being told she isn't allowed to participate or ask questions, and kills two of the rogue apostate cabal most responsible for the attempt on her family's lives
  • She volunteers to be put on trial by the consilium for doing this, and is sentenced to a Major Endeavor and denied personhood according to local Awakened Law
  • Investigates a Seer town, discovering serious magic issues she can't make the wizards understand.
  • Helps rescue Wizards from a crazed Shifter-hunter she'd tried to warn the Consilium about earlier.
  • Designs the new Consilium building for Perla Del Sur, and assists in securing it for use and decorating
  • Battles alongside the consilium against an Abyssal Manifestation of considerable rank
  • Helps in a cross-weirdness mission in Las Vegas, meeting the Most Handsome Werewolf and deciding Changelings are Dicks. She serves largely as unofficial Wizard Translator.


Leanansidhe from The Dresden Files
Courtney Crumrin from Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things
Fiona from Burn Notice
Selina Kyle from Batman


Character Description

Isnana is a short woman, with a mixture of native tan and darker colors from outside her island home, gently curling black hair framing a face nothing short of devilishly handsome, and sparkling green eyes set amongst fetching features. Her figure is hourglass in shape, echoing another hourglass she wears at different times. Graceful defines her movement, almost inhumanly so, and almost always she can be relied upon to be in silk of one variety or another.


Dire Form

Sometimes via a trick of light it appears that Isnana becomes a Black Widow spider, approximately the size of a bank vault door, and a perfect specimen thereof down to her brightly polished carapace and numerous luminously black eyes.

Looking For

Wizards curious about Her
Wizards she has harassed with her curiosity
Guardian ties, being ostensibly Labyrinth
Wizards who have stepped into her Web
Sisters/People who Knew her Mother


She's killed wizards, but they've all died with a smile on their faces. That helps, right?
She's amassing a Mage army for a purpose unknown.
She went to Atlantis and has a private horde of Artifacts from the expedition.
She was born in the Primal Wilds.
She's working to join an order of vampiric Knights


  • "And she was like 'Should I get naked?' And she did, and it was great. And then everything went tragically wrong." - Apsinthion
  • Long painful sigh - Starcastle
  • "I met her once. She can get a bit handsy...Get it?" - Kidd Fox
  • "How do Spider shifters reproduce?" - Tevye
  • "I would not have imagined I had a great deal in common with one such as her. A hunter in every sense, and very effective. I look forward to continuing our interactions." - Richter
  • "The fallout at Convocation was a bag of bullshit. Like, epic, stupid, stinking bullshit. And none of it is on her. Anyone who'll help me graffiti a UNESCO world heritage site to help some animals is OK by me." - Zou
  • "I would take a bullet or eight for her. Cunning and socially deadly, the fact that she's part spider has nothing to do with anything." - Hitter
  • "Turns out spiders are badass AND fun." - John Vimes
  • "You might have heard Isnana broke a pledge, but from what I understand it wasn't really her fault. I mean, for what it's worth. She does help out a ton, though--pretty crazy at sewing haha." - DJ Radix
  • "She's a giant fucking mind reading were-spider who can turn into a giant swarm of god-damn spiders! Why am I the only one FREAKING OUT about this?!?!" - Arc
  • "No tastin sugar. Ya'd break a fang, ya hear?" (regarding her offer to teach Tevye to wrestle) - Hypatia
  • "Playful, yet competent. Gifted as a translator between will-workers and those not blessed with their powers, she seems awfully nonchalant about a surprising number of things." - Wooster
  • "She's attractive, witty, charming and extremely competent. I'd be honoured to work with her. I'd be delighted to entertain her. But in a Cabal? I think that's a step too far." - Bobcat
  • "Why do all the scary hot women go out of there way to hit on me? I guess, maybe, Isnana is just very outgoing." - Kaos
  • "A talented seamstress. Can sew almost as fast as me, and I cheat." - Lugh
  • "She was a pleasure to speak with and quite interesting. I think I'd love to talk more in a less combat heavy environment, possibly even see how that poison feels myself." - Doc
  • "She looks like a biter. I would expect no less than one who'd run with Carmina." - Celeste Chevalier
  • "Your Quote Here." - Character Name Here

Mage Society According to Isnana

  • Mageligion says that they broke the world, but it was Atlantis not Pangaea.
  • The Precept of Hubris - If it sounds like something a Supervillain would do, probably don’t.
  • The Precept of Secrecy - Don’t let Sleepers know about magic or mages.
  • The Precept of Liberty - Free will is super, super important.
  • The Precept of Recognition - Mages in the city have to listen to the Consilium or GTFO
  • The Precept of Protectorate - If it belongs to another Mage, don’t touch it.
  • The Precept of War - There’s a process of escalation for murdering things/people. FOLLOW IT.