Isobel Macleod

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Edinburgh
Player: VST Edinburgh Masquerade
Storyteller: VST Edinburgh Masquerade




Information Known by Kindred Society

Toreador Elder of Clan MacLeod, present in the Domain since 1680. Holds the ceremonial title of Làmh Dheas since 1877 (which roughly translates as Hand of the King) a combination of Seneschal and Keeper of Elysium.
A known patron of the arts who has contributed greatly to the Edinburgh Festival, and an established art critic.

Some Facts. Gossip and Rumours

Thought by many to be the true power in Edinburgh.
Isobel is a highly skilled artist who works almost exclusively in glass.
Nobody gets to be Prince without the agreement of Isobel.
The charming sweet façade is just that, a façade. She is a master of politics and kindred scheming.
Her enemies rarely last long unless she decides to play with them first.
She has some sort of control over Colla Og.
Was instrumental in brokering the new accord with the English Ventrue, and of bringing them to the position where they had little choice but to concede.

From Isobel

I do not do photographs, they lack a certain something. The image here is a sculpture from an admirer. It is a fair likeness, finely crafted. A pity about the flowers.

Comments about Isobel MacLeod

OOC Information

NPC under control of VST Edinburgh