Isobel O'Neill

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Acknowledged within the Camarilla

Confirmed as an Ancilla

Noble as Seneschal

Courteous by Harpy Benton Malory

Courageous by Prince Torquil

Favored by Elder Maxwell Jacobs

Favored by Elder Tidus King

Isobel O'Neill

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: Jessica Stadul
Storyteller: VST Phillip Hazlet
Isobel O'Neill with Castor on Durante Estate

Notable Traits

  • Irish Accent
  • Often seen with two Great Danes


  • 1833 - Born in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland with twin brother Edward O'Neill.
  • 1849 – Famine ship to America.
  • 1849-1856 – Five Points, New York.
  • 1856-1864 - Embraced and abandoned by sire, the twins exist on the fringes of society.
  • 1864 – Meet Amadeo Durante and Adalina Marchand Durante in Alpharetta, GA. Couple takes pity on the O'Neills and takes Accounting over them. Relationship remains close until Durantes' deaths in 2015.
  • 1874 – Move to Cleveland, Ohio. O'Neills capitalize on the post-Civil War boom Cleveland is going through becoming a leading city in manufacturing and shipping. Build influence over the mortal world legitimate and illegal businesses.
  • 1912 – Found Tara Ltd on December 12.
  • 1926 – Tara Ltd heavily invests in the construction of Terminal Tower.
  • 1930 - Terminal Tower completed June 28 and becomes the O'Neill haven.
  • 1970 - Isobel becomes the Malkavian Primogen. Remains in position until 2014.



Words on the Street


  • She lets her temper show when the subject of Sabbat is brought up.
  • Add your rumor here -You


  • "Excuse me, What did you say about my sister? Oh that is what I thought" - Edward O'Neill
  • "She's the nicer of the O'Neills but watch out if you get on the wrong side of her temper." - Spencer
  • "Someone that knows that as they age all girls became women, but very few become a Lady, and that is what she is. A Lady of the highest caliber." - Adalina Marchand Durante
  • "Not all arrangements are one-sided. Our relationship seems mutually beneficial .. almost symbiotic." - Martin Shallow
  • "I once underestimated her. Once." - Jokero Lorenzo Anansi

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Stadul
MES Number: US2011108131
Location: Cleveland, OH

“Who says the Irish are fighters by birth
Says little Dan Crone
Faith, there's not a more peaceable race on earth
If ye lave them alone.”