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Apocalypse PC

Player: Miranda Rosenblum
Character: Isolde "Izzy" MacFarlane
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Adren
Domain: GA-010-D
VST: David Bounds

Character Information

Name: Isolde "Izzy" MacFarlane, Voice of Passion

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Fianna

Member of Watchtower Sept

Beta of Shadow's Honor, dedicated to Thunder

Bard of the Song Council of Dixie

Renown: 7 Glory, 6 Wisdom. 2 Honor

Domain: GA-010-D

Character Details

Notable Traits: Izzy, while having only 2 Fianna Purebreed, has a head full of curly, red hair


  • Izzy's red hair is from a bottle.


History Izzy was born August 2, 1986 in Ithaca, New York to Sean and Margaret MacFarlane. She grows up near the local garou sept, fully aware of the world her family is in. Her father, an Athro, Fianna, Ahroun, owns and runs the local garou friendly pub and makes certain that she and her mother know enough to be safe around various garou. In July of 2001 Margaret is taking her children back to school shopping when they are attacked by two Ratkin. Margaret dies trying to protect her children and the attack causes Izzy to shift for the first time. In her fit of rage, Izzy kills the two attackers shortly before her father and his pack arrive. They take the other siblings to the home of another Fianna kin, and Izzy is taken to the sept where she is started with her training.

After her rite of passage Izzy returns home and begins to take care of her siblings in the absence of their mother and father. She tends to the business of the bar while her father is out doing his Gaian duty, occasionally she joins them.

In 2007 Izzy meets a young Shadowlord kin by the name of Jindra Moudry when he comes into her bar while on a visit to Cornell to check out their law program. They become close once he begins attending school.

Izzy receives a call from Jindra in April of 2014, Jindra reconnects with Izzy and asks her to move to his sept in Atlanta. She sells her bar in Ithaca and moves to Atlanta, establishing another bar, "The Harp and Thistle".


  • "Izzy has done her fair share of stupid shit. But like all Garou, she'll grow up into something to be reckoned with." - Daci Dragos
  • "This wolf has seen more than her fair share of death for her age. And so close to the heart too. I'm glad to see it has not taken her down, but made her stronger." - Specter's Flight

OOC Information

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Player: Miranda Rosenblum

MES Number: US2002022650

Location: Atlanta, GA