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"All Souls are equal. It is only the amount of power and will that they may bring to bear which separates them."


Name: Istral Jormungandrson

Clan: Followers of Set

Sect: Camarilla

Office: Prince of Atlanta

City: Atlanta, GA

Istral is an oddity amoungst oddities. Born and Embraced in 1300's Sweden, he stands out in a clan renowned for it's exultation of all things Egyptian. Loathe to discuss the details of his faith with outsiders most of the time, it is clear that he is more inclined to the Norse Pagan tropes of Asatru than he is to the direct worship of Set. How he reconciles this with his Clan is not well understood by anyone not involved. Perhaps that's part of why he has managed as well as he has amoung the Camarilla.

Lineage: The Jormungandr Kinship

Childe of Arnulf Jormungandrson

Istral's Childer


  • "Intelligent, witty, and handsome. Pity about his clan. Worse, he makes every other Setite I meet seem inept and ridiculous in comparison. It is strangely reassuring and not a little disquieting." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "I did not know that taking a garden stroll at Mademoiselle Ligeia's debut would leave him with such a profound impression of me. And per'aps, oui, it could have lasted longer, but...uh... Monsieur Chapel did not want me out so late." - Clé deMontes
  • "One of the few of his kind I can tolerate; Istral is the exception that proves the rule."Tamerlane
  • "Time reveals the true nature of all things. God willing, I will be present when this serpent reveals its treacherous skin." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "Time spent with my Grandsire is always pleasant and enlightening. I greatly wish that I were granted more opportunities to do so."Mina Chandler
  • "Truly, it's hard to know what we might even say to each other, for we hardly speak. And yet, I think I like him best of all the Setites I've had to endure." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "A quick mind on this one, and a pleasant conversationalist to boot. He is one of the few who seems to understand me, and not just my words. Pity he is what he is..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "I have dirty thoughts just talking to him. It remains to be seen if the ideas he inspires will be successful." - Roane
  • "En skål för Istral,det viktigaste är inte att vinna, utan att kämpa väl!" Toast made by Oliver Mayne to Istral at the conclusion of the Prohibition War between the Tremere and the Setites. (Translation: A toast to Istral, the most important thing is not to win, but to fight well.)"
  • "He was polite and seemingly quick witted. This is neither praise nor damnation, just as he was. In all things, however, remember the Hadith Book 026, Number 5557." - Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "He knows well enough to stay the hell away." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "I was so glad to see Istral again. It becomes more difficult with each passing night to find others who also understand being a curiosity of the blood in this world of the Camarilla. To find those who have also seen old things and understand other ways." - Lazuli
  • "There is no such thing as a divine, there is no higher power. There is naught but chaos and that which we mistakenly call order, the crust of ice over a deep ocean every changing. I do not believe in gods, but I do believe in those that do... and there is nothing as deadly nor as resolute as a fanatic deluded by the concept of greater purpose." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Istral is so very charming; I can always count on him for a good conversation. I find that those, I have met, of his clan do so well at providing entertainment." - Beatrice de Medici
  • "There are times when I wonder at the enigma of Istral. I know there is a pattern to his ways. It simply escapes me to this point, which is somewhat troubling at a primal level." - Archibald Carmichael
  • "Ibland är det bättre att vara landsmän än att vara vänner." - Kristian Vasa (Translation: Sometimes it is better to be countrymen than to be friends.)
  • "We're friends. We're enemies. We're allies. We're enemies. I think we're back to 'friends' again, but that will probably change at the drop of a hat." - Hawthorne
  • "I've heard that Setites are supposed to be enigmas and corruptors, but Istral has never seemed that way to me. Perhaps he's just that good at the game. I like him. There is an honesty about the things he says between the words." - Sydney Faust
  • "I walked many miles for many years beside this one, and the only thing stronger than his arm was his spirit. There were a few times we thought we were outmatched, but the will to succeed often strikes fear into the hearts of those with only the will to live!" - Marus
  • "Istral tempts me in ways I am not usually tempted...which is a feat unto itself. His welcome into Atlanta was something I never expected, and I will stand by his side as long as he needs me to." Brigid Loxley
  • "What a delightful problem he is." - Viveka von Daun




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Character Information
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Wade J
Storyteller: VST Dan F

Player Name: Wade J

MES Number: US2002023144

Location: Atlanta, GA

Image Credit: Aaron Horkey