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Awakening PC

Player: Bernard D.
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder •••
Legacy: Clavicularius
Position: Claviger
Consilium: Novum Consilium Umbrae
City: Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo
Cabal: None
VST: Reuben David

Birth Name: Robert Allen

Shadow Name: Ivanhoe

Quote: (Coming Soon)


Cousland Human Noble or Alistair (Dragon Age)

Paragon Shepard (Mass Effect)

Helo and Lee Adama (BSG)

Oliver Queen (Arrow)

Batman/Bruce Wayne

John Constantine

Sirius Black

Character Description

Ivanhoe stands just over six feet tall with an athletic build, short brown hair and hazel eyes. He usually avoids wearing suits, instead he favors slacks and either a collared golf shirt or geek/sports logo t-shirt.


The self seems to split in two, although you see both parts from the perspective of the other. One is composed of whatever you would consider the best of yourself, the other the sum of your darker impulses. After a moment the pairs seem to merge back into each other.


  • His parents are big wigs in the Ladder
  • He played junior hockey and had a shot at the big leagues before an injury ended those chances.
  • He went overseas for University and then disappeared for a couple of years. Then out of the blue he showed up back in Canada Awakened.


The Tunes

"The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors

"Bobcaygeon", "Fifty Mission Cap" by The Tragically Hip

"Hasn't Hit Me Yet" by Blue Rodeo

"Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen

Friends, Allies, and Other Assorted Individuals

Themis, Acanthus Silver Ladder. "Auntie Themis".

Andy, Obrimos Silver Ladder. Local Deacon and fellow player of Monopoly with real places.

Coyote, Thyrsus Arrow. Old friend.