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  • Date - 1970 Yegor is Born in Moscow ghetto
  • Date - 1992 Yegor joins Bratva so his younger brother Evgeny Ivchenko can go to University.
  • Date - 2001 Yegor moves to Brighton Beach in the wake of 9/11 as smuggling opportunities increase.
  • Date - 2013 Yegor Encounters a Sabbat Pack testing the boundaries of NYC and fights a Horrid Form Tzimisce (inhuman monster, as he calls it). Loses, of course, but manages to hold his own enough in the fight to earn the respect of the Sabbat pack. They embrace him into the Sabbat.
  • Date - 2015 Yegor Moves to Austin, TX to learn how to be an inhuman monster.
  • Date - 2015 Yegor Joins the service of Cardinal Lennox as a Templar.



World War II ‘Night Witches
Natalya Fyodorovna Meklin – World War II Combat Pilot - Natalya Fyodorovna Meklin née Kravtsova (Russian: Наталья Фёдоровна Меклин, Ukrainian: Наталія Фёдорiвна Меклин; 1922–2005) was a much decorated World War II combat pilot in one of the three women-only Soviet air regiments. They were nicknamed the ‘Night Witches‘ by their German opponents.

The Great Wall of Russia, Yegor is a few inches over six feet tall and bullish, with broad shoulders. He is scarred and weathered from a rough life and more than one stint in a Siberian Prison. He has the Russian prison tattoos to match his heritage. His dark hair and beard are shot through with grey. When he smiles his whole face smiles, and yet it does not seem to be a thing of joy.

Evgeny is a former Russian Mafia enforcer. He came up through the rough streets of Moscow, spent more than one stint in a Siberian prison, and has all of the tattoos to prove it. Fifteen months ago, he was called to the US from Moscow, and embraced by his brother, Yegor. Evgeny speaks broken English, with various Russian idioms. As a kindred, his skills in a physical fight are formidable to say the least. He is also a renowned Russian Bowler as well as being an accomplished Russian Juggler. If you speak Russian: Evgeny speaks Russian with a high class accent, and is clearly eloquent and very well educated in the classics.

She has the frame of a dance, and the grace of one. Seen always with a smile on her lips yet something dangerous in her eyes, Anya is the youngest of the Ivchenko siblings found in Austin. Where her brothers are more martial in their abilities, Anya has shown to be less physical yet just as deadly. When a situation is outside of her abilities she won't hesitate to turn to her pack, and her brothers to help her. Anya sees nothing wrong with going to her brothers when and if she needs a helping fist.
A cousin on their Mother's side, Vassily graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in three years, and was invited to Harvard on a Student Visa. Completing his Doctorate in Politcal Science, he used his knowledge to disappear, eventually reappearing working for, but not directly part of, the Bratva. Already embraced by that point, he would only mention that he had a wonderful night with a woman, and that of the two of them, she probably had the better night!

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