Izar San Martin

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Information Known by Kindred Society

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Sire: Epirus

Physical Style: 1950s styling; business occasions are fitted jackets with skirts, evening wear tends to follow a 1950s silhouette. Izar prefers rich colors, silk, and minimal jewelry. On the occasions of the inevitable “Dress as you were” events, Izar wears modern formal or picks a time period she feels flatters her.

Social Style: Izar is sociable if a little quieter than her fellows. She is easy to like, often excessively kind to neonates and ancillae, and a great champion of the Camarilla. She is rarely found without a book in hand and has been known to read everything from ancient philosophers to modern bestsellers.

Titles: Praetor of Sonoma County, Ventrue Clan Head

Coteries/Societies: House Constantinian

Izar San Martin is known as a mentor of politicians and adviser of same. She was once Prince of Bilbao centuries ago and has stayed firmly outside the usual political arenas ever since.


Izar San Martin
Felix Hildegaard
Michael Cayhill
Joshua "JT" Weatherstone
Ibrahim Aslan
Desdemona Gonzaga
Camille Clark
Nicholas Loring

Quotes and Rumors

  • "Of all the ghilan I've ever met Izar is the most delightful and pragmatic. I really don't know why more do not listen to her advice." - Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "Mademoiselle Izar and I are very excellent friends. What would give you any other impression? Is she doing things again? She is, isn't she. Perhaps you would be willing to watch out for my dear friend and keep me informed of her progress?" - Clé deMontes
  • "Lady Izar is really nice...and oh..she reads books...new books, modern books and she explains things in ways that make sense I like her alot." - Raina Star
  • "I adore my grand-sire. She and I have a lot more in common than you might imagine. Just dwell on that thought for a moment. Does it frighten you a little? It should." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "My younger broodmate makes a most excellent house guest. I should welcome her back any time." Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Few things are more dangerous than a woman who is determined to be well-read." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "Only a fool shuns the ones whom he does not understand. Perhaps if one are willing to listen, one might find they have much more in common. Lady Izar is one of the few it would be wise to listen to her speak." - Virgil Maxwell
  • "My sire has ever been the true pinnacle of what it is to be Ventrue. What she is, who she is, lays within all of our clan if we have the strength to simple seize it as she has. I honor her whenever possible and will continue to do so for however many nights I continue." Nicholas Loring
  • "Lady Izar, you are one of the few I would admit to making me, as the Spanish say, bailar al son (de alguien), bailar al son que toca(n) (alguien). I look forward to our next dance." - Oliver Mayne in a toast to Izar San Martin in Atlanta, 1964. (Translation: "to dance to someone else's tune, to toe someone else's line.")
  • “No matter what age, we all desire direction toward Destiny’s path. Izar is no exception to this.” - Sonya Boswell
  • "Izar? Oh! Yes, of course I remember her. That was...well, back in the 70s, if I'd hazard a guess. Delightful company, and she was capable of coming up with such wicked ideas. I adore anyone that has as twisted and macabre a taste as I do..." - Amalia Iliescu
  • “They say a bird is recognized by her feathers, and a man by his friends. Izar is blessedly good company.” - Eileen Vargas
  • “I'd say the Parker to my Bankhead, but that sells both of us short. May I recommend you never sell an Elder Ventrue Woman short? Especially that one." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "There is nae a single blessed thing that can compare the exquisite, delicious cruelty of a Queen." - Brigid
  • "The Lady San Martin is a precious jewel, an exemplar of the Ivory Tower and a paragon of all we ought to aspire to. Truly. Ask anyone." - Benedict
  • "Izar? Well, what is there left to say? What is there to be said that hasn't been said a thousand times over? Besides, words fail to describe her. Poets have certainly tried." - Rafael_Hernandez
  • "The Ivory Tower is said to be made of many strong and fortified pillars; Izar is the base upon which they sit for without her wisdom and guidance we would not stand so tall." Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "Disons que j'espère qu'elle est satisfaite de son prix. Je ne pouvais pas survivre à un deuxième engagement." - Matthew Carpenter
  • All of Izar's male suitors die exactly one year after making their intentions public.
  • "She made me differently than my brothers. I know not why. But I suspect that part matters the least of all." Nicholas Loring
  • "Courtesy can cut as sharp as a knife, and that is the best way I could describe Elder San Martin. She is a credit to her Clan and her city." - David Daniel Steiner
  • ""It is the will of a true queen that can, with but a gesture, guide a garden to grow, maneuver a dance, and direct a blade." - Alain
  • "I use the word 'impressive' in polite company. I mean the word terrifying." - Melody "Mells" Nichols
  • "A beauty if there ever was one. While I might want to say I know better than to have interest... I might not be able to help myself." - Lex Reyes
  • "The Lady San Martin is a complicated creature, even by the standards of my clan. Here is one that can smile at trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection; She knows it is the business of small minds to shrink and quail. She is every inch the eagle that her standard displays, proud and lofty and mighty... and alone. Even surrounded by her blood and allies and cloaked in her mantle of power, she is alone. I believe that she might object to this state, and as the eagle she is, is looking for increasingly heavy sticks to drop." - Arden
Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Santa Rosa, CA
Player: Roo Wetzel
Storyteller: Jon Grimmer

OOC Information

Player: Roo Wetzel, US2002023866

Location: Santa Rosa, CA