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Shadow of Fury

In these times all stories of success should be sung about!

     A few weeks ago, Skull Crusher, a Cliath Ahroun of the Shadow Lords stood before our Master of Challenge, Bullseye, Fostern Uktena Ahroun and challenged him to be recognized as a Fostern. The songs of his glory, wisdom and honor have echoed through our sept for the past few months.

     He was given the challenge to stand in the pit with Bullseye, and to fight until either one of them submitted, or a stalemate was reached. Being lupus born he was forbidden to fight in either the lupus or hispo forms, to help display his comfort with the other tools Gaia gives us. He was forbidden to use man made weapons, no fetishes, and expressively forbidden to use fire claws, a favorite tactic in his usual battles. The challenge agreed upon they met together at the ring on March 12th, prior to our moot to see the challenge finished.

     In the war form they stood opposite each other, like night and day. Skull Crusher attempted to exert his force of will over Bullseye, but the Uktena proved too stubborn to bow to such tactics. Bullseye struck out with his claws, landing a solid blow which the younger Shadow Lord laughed off. His eyes, keen for seeking weakness had seen it. As Skull Crusher leapt forward to press the attack, Bullseye shifted his stance, revealing a weakness in his fighting that the Shadow Lord took advantage of. His claws struck inward, the force of which, backed by the gifts Luna gives to an Ahroun, forced the older Garou to the ground. He continued his merciless attack, striking hard with sharpened claws.

     The pain of the attack ripped through the Uktena, and his rage was so great that he lost control. Skull Crusher shifted the intent of his attacks, seeing the need to try and immobilize Bullseye before he was able to strike out at anyone else. Though his attempts landed true they only served to fuel the anger within his opponent. It is unfortunate that our anger, perhaps our greatest gift, is also our greatest weakness. Sensing a change in the intent of the frenzied Garou, his pack totem, the Arch Angel Michael interceded, and held him until such time that he could be removed from his current lack of control.

     When all heads had returned to their own senses it was ruled by Bullseye, and Mokra Shalya L'Gaia a half moon presiding over the challenge, that Skull Crusher had satisfied all conditions and proved himself worthy.

As such he is now named, Shadow of Fury, Fostern Ahroun, Shadow Lord.