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  • May or may not be a Unicorn Seraphim that shoots out rainbows, butterflies, and happiness wherever he goes.
  • He killed a pack of Sabbat with but a scream.
  • He possesses an Engelstahl orignal.
  • He has a vault of memorabilia for his failures.
  • Seems to like his sweets and loves to play with his food.
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  • "The boyo assures me he is a man. In fact, he screams it so much that it makes me wonder if the Daughter dost protest too much." - Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "Hey, guys! The Daughter's got a band, too. That's nice." - Jackson Flynn
  • "He makes a lovely litmus test. Wind him up and watch him go . Just be sure to keep a few steps back , but well within viewing distance ." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Don't underestimate him." - Angelo
  • "Watching him from afar is quite interesting. I cannot wait to see him in action." - Miss Maggie
  • "He is his own chorus. Where silence stands, he puts to an end." - Mr. Chen
  • "He runs his mouth worse than a pirate drunk on rum. Maybe that is why he is confused about what gender he actually is." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "James is far more, and far less than others assume of him... but oh how I have missed this one." - Speranza
  • "Such a fascinating Kindred. So different from the rest of us. I want to check his cards and get to know him better." - Candice Caine
  • "This young Artist seems the inquisitive type - but he definitely knows the price of information, and isn't afraid to make a deal. I look forward to his repeat business." - Swagger
  • "His song is dreadfully missed." - Valerie Hughes
  • "My voice is a light in the dark. His is the sunrise. Take that as you will." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "As a Toreador, I yearn to hear him sing. I would just hope to remain in his good graces, that he might sing to me and not at me." Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "I think us Kindred could take a lesson from how well-managed the unicorn masquerade is. Hardly anyone even suspects unicorns exist!" - Annie Case
  • "He had a most lovely tenor voice, and a pleasant demeanor. I believe that, in a growing trend for those of his Blood, he may be future Harpy material." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Poor lad really does hate that he's not a true member of the Cacophony, but there's no helping that, he's a man...and his song is so flawed and broken it jars the mind. Talentless, broken, useless, and worse....also a complete tosser." - Brigid
  • "His clan is Unicorn?" Hasiq Fieldman
  • "He's my favorite songbird." - Lillian Jameson
  • "You want to meet people fast? Just tell Elder Harlan you would like to be in his entourage. In twenty minutes, you'll have met everyone in the room... twice." H.W. Hayes
  • "Would you do anything to catch my eye again, dear James? To be the only star in my sky? A night will come when it is you and I upon the stage, and I shall have eyes for you alone." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "What do you want some stupid music pun? He is a good guy, give it a 'rest'." -Frankie Morrigan
  • "His personality is perfect for Austin... city of the weird." Aidan Sebastian
  • "Who is the guy from a Miami Vice show? No, seriously, that guy looks like he belongs on the show. What? He is an Elder? Shit, better not tell him that then." - Michael
  • "Many people think him a bit of a peacock; all flash, no substance. But he's far more shrewd than most realize. Decades come and go with the largest contingent of the tower still wondering if he (his kind) even exist. Do you think it an accident that he has not dispelled the rumors en masse? He plays chess, and he is a master of the long game." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "At first I did not know what to think about Elder Harlan, and given that I really only met him at length during a Conclave, things were hectic. Then not long after he asked for me to join him in retaking Chicago. I went, along with others from our Domain. We fought, we bled, we slayed, and we lost. Through it all our leader was in the thick of it, using abilities I had never seen to make sure the fight was in much our favor as possible. If for nothing else than someone who has fought with me, he has my respect. But that is not all, he has my gratitude as well." -Zack Snyder
  • "I thought I was a mere toy to this man. I should have listened to his Song more closely. By now, I must surely be a memory..." -Eris Sonatia
  • "I have seen him carry both halves of the conversation. Truly, it was one of the better moments of the evening." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "There was a night in Chicago in the 30s when Jamie boy and I went on a week long bender ending with me having to pretend to be dead for almost a year." - Brother Billy
  • "Such a delightful character, it's a shame he's so terrible with names." - Marie Blackwell
  • "Funny how people from your past show up when you least expect it." - Cate Pershing
  • "He lead a successful campaign against the Vanquished in Chicago. I am impressed. There is more to him than his voice." - The Broken
  • "I have died every day since you left. My heart has ached for you. I still see that boy and I wonder do you truly still see me?" - Eleanor Duvall
  • "Elder Harlan has his way. As many Elders do. whether that way is a benefit or a detriment remains to be seen fully." - Dexter Mara
  • "The first to approach me and to speak kindly, not of the family. I will remember this in the future, for many more centuries to come." - Noemi Giovanni
  • "I admire him not for his aberrant bloodline, but rather his ability to overcome it to answer the Tower's call. Still, I'd best keep my distance lest I begin to develop a wretched thing like understanding or tolerance." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "I often find myself forgetting that Elder Harland is not Toreador but honestly I prefer to think of him as such. If he is not Toreador in blood then I would consider him to at least be Toreador in spirit." - Dr. Alex Pond
  • "The way he acts, you forget he's an elder. Nothing wrong with that. That way; your enemies are put off their game. And then, you crush them underfoot." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "I'll be honest, I could listen to him all day read the phone book, that accent is hilarious. Yet, it doesn't diminish his effectiveness and capability." - Benedict Crane
  • "Didn't get to interact with the guy much. He carried himself though" Vincent Giovanni
  • " He can carry a tune, and he survived on the battlefield. He's okay in my book." - Angelique DuMont
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