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"Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along." -Terry Pratchett


Jacqueline Podroff
Born into the influencial Podroff family, Jacqueline "Jack" had her life mapped out for her from birth. She was enrolled in all the best schools, got into KState to get her pre-reqs for a law degree and even was accepted to Harvard Law.

Then, one day, before she was to start her degree in law and become a lawyer just like her father, she changed (at least that is what the world thought).

Truth is Jacqueline Podroff disappeared, she was taken after following a white rabbit into the copse of trees.

It's Time for Blood

Jack doesn't remember much, except that she began her time in Arcadia as the new Knave of Hearts to the Queen of Hearts,the Matriarch .

It's Time for War

Manipulated by Alice, the Benefactor, she slew the Queen of Hearts and Alice had Jack become the Bloody Red Queen to compete in constant battles against the White Queen.

It's Time for Tea!

Jack emerged from the hedge in 2004 somewhere near Chicago where she was discovered by Mr. Draco. Since then she was seen traveling the country until 2009 when she entered Kansas and disappeared for a few years.

Now Jack is back in Chicago and seen in Mr. Draco's tower.


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