Jacelyn Windsor

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Jacelyn Windsor
My Mortal Flaw – Your Fatal Sin

Name: Jacelyn Windsor
Clan: Angellis Ater
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Humanity
Position: Bishop of Security

Pack: The Restless Dead,
*Ductus Sparks
*Priest Aeolous
*Mr. Ivory
*Archbishop Basil

Known Secrets:
*Jacelyn is out and proud about being Angellis Ater.
*Jacelyn has gotten to meet almost every Cardinal and Inquisitor.
*Jacelyn once slept with someone just to have blackmail on a Cardinal.
*Jacelyn was anointed a Bishop.


"You don’t own me. Don’t try to put me on display. You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way."

Quotes and Rumors about Jacelyn:

  • "Jacelyn is a monster in the guise of an innocent little girl.

Song List:

*Fallen Angel: Three Days Grace (https://youtu.be/BXOH4H--OQY)
*Dance with the Devil: Breaking Benjamin ( https://youtu.be/Rxncx2mJqVo )
*Heaven Knows: Pretty Reckless (https://youtu.be/rHBxJCq99jA )
*Just Like Fire: Pink! ( https://youtu.be/5Nrv5teMc9Y )
*New Americana: Halsey ( https://youtu.be/zLFSVBO9WOE )

OOC Information

Out of Character Summary
|Clan: Angellis Ater |Sect: Sabbat |City: Cincinnati, OH |Player: Nycci Daniels |VST: Greg Garland
MES Number: US2002021051
Venue: [Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati OH]