Jack Ansible

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Awakening PC

Player: Derek Burrow
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium •••••
Legacy: Tamers of Rivers
Position: Heirophant Superior, Lord of Tomes/High Magister
Consilium: Toronto
City: York Assembly
Cabal: None
VST: Bernard Dawson

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Birth Name: Marcus Llewellyn Rhys

Shadow Name: Jack Ansible

Sleeper Alias: Mark Rhys, Mark Llewellyn, Marcus Knight

Concept: The Modern Magus

Character Livejournal:

Quote: "What they're practicing is an offshoot from standard Golden Dawn ideology and none of you are actually paying attention to what I'm saying anymore, are you?"



  • Iron Druid Chronicles (Kevin Hearne)- Atticus O'Sullivan
  • Starman (James Robinson)- Jack Knight
  • The Dresden Files (Jim Butcher)- Harry Dresden
  • Hawkeye (Matt Fraction run)- Clint Barton
  • MacGyver- Angus MacGyver (as portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson)
  • Kamen Rider Wizard- Haruto Sohma (as portrayed by Shunya Shiraishi)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto- Tendou Souji (as portrayed by Hiro Mizushima)
  • Fringe- Dr. Walter Bishop (as portrayed by John Noble)
  • The Librarian(s)- Flynn Carson (as portrayed by Noah Wyle)
  • A Wizard of Earthsea (Ursula K. Leguin)- Sparrowhawk
  • Mistborn (Brandon Sanderson)- Sazed
  • The Rivers of London (Ben Aaronovitch)
  • Anthony Bourdain


Character Description

For as far back as he can remember, Jack Ansible always wanted to be a wizard. To him, being a wizard would be better than being President of the United States. Wizards were wise, wizards were powerful...wizards were good guys in a world seemingly full of villains. He immersed himself in occult lore and by 17 left home to seek out magic. He spent five years travelling across Europe before his search bore fruit...oh sure, he'd found thaumaturges, psychics, and all manner of strange things, but he had never found the spark himself. Then he Awakened...and went on searching, studying with Awakened and Sleeping magicians alike, searching not just for magic, but for that single unifying spark which makes men seek magic out to begin with. That very basic underlying drive which bridges the divides of race, religion, culture, continent, and gender, to seek out magic and tame it to the human spirit.

Fifteen years after his search began Jack is back in Canada. Assuming he doesn't die in a fight he has nearly two centuries of life left in him, and so he can spend a few years to look over his notes, collect his thoughts, and plan the next move in his journey. He is at a middle point now, still a relatively young wizard by the standards of the Mysterium, but well skilled as a shapeshifter and alchemist, trained in the magics of many different lands and ready to use it to help out others who cannot necessarily help themselves.

Jack dresses like...well like a hipster. He wears jeans, t-shirts with nerdy slogans, blazers, fedoras, and has a bizarre habit of carrying a holstered wand with him (perhaps not so bizarre when one considers that said wand is a potent magical tool in his hands). He wears an amulet in the shape of the Atlantean pentacle on a leather cord, each of its points tipped with a small red bead, a collection of pins and bracelets, a ring with a strange blue stone, and often carries a small pouch full of alchemical supplies with him. It doesn't take long for most to cotton to Jack having been a Boy Scout, because his motto in magic is quite definitely "Always Be Prepared" (followed closely by "A wizard is never late, nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to").

Jack is a self avowed nerd, his shop a mix of classic antiques mixed with old pulp magazines, Indian movie posters, Japanese toys, bizarre Hawaiian shirts, and the like. He is a huge fan of the Japanese tokusatsu genre, being an avid enthusiast of the Kamen Rider franchise, and rides an old Soviet-era Minsk which he sometimes jokes is held together by a mixture of elbow grease, magic, and sheer stubbornness. On Sundays he closes the shop in order to open up a stand at the St. Lawrence Antique Market, and is an easily recognizable face in the neighbourhood. His habit of taking in the newly Awakened sometimes grates on other members of the local Assembly, who accuse him of poaching new Mages from the other Orders...which Jack defends by politely pointing out that if you can't trust the Mysterium to give someone a good basic education, who CAN you trust?

He is quite definitely a dog person, despite his Familiar being a raccoon.


Everyone with a few yards feels like they have suddenly been immersed in water. Higher level (4-5 dot) spells create the additional sensation of sea water, while hair and light objects may seem to move almost imperceptibly in phantom currents.

Looking For


  • He is going to take over the Pentacle with his evil Awakened Canadian Powerz.
  • He and Bagheera belong to a super elite group known only as "Club Thyrsus"
  • He once spent a month as a whale.
  • He and Bagheera have determined that Walrus fight is an acceptable form of the code duello.

Quotes from Jack

  • "The raccoon can corroborate our story."

Quotes From Others

  • "What is there that I can say about Jack? He is a very trustworthy man, and it is an honor to serve with him." - Maester
  • "There is an arrogance in him. Right now he glows brightly. One day he will burn out. No matter what, it will be spectacular." - Pluto
  • "Are you SURE you're not a wizard-detective?" - Zephyr
  • "Good Wizard. Better friend." - Dash (Mage)
  • "Fuck, how weird is it that we seem to understand each other so well?" - La Calavera
  • "I'd count him as one of my better friends. I still want to kill him half the time." - Saul
  • "Jack is a wonderful trav'lin companion, an one a mah very favorite people in the whole waide world, which, commin from me is sayin something. He understands that the key ta bein a mage, or a field scholar for that matter, is ta prepare lahk mad, an then do as ya see fit." - Hypatia
  • "Best. Wizard. Ever." - John Vimes
  • "For a non-changeling, I think Jack is good at thinking about a problem from a changeling's perspective. Could have a conversation with him about abstracts and not throw him for a loop. Also, he's the right kind of pragmatist--tries to find a way in instead of a way out. Comes up with some good ideas, but he'll also listen to others. Good guy to plan with." - DJ Radix
  • "We have quite the love/hate relationship. Both being mages not afraid to say what is on our mind sometimes puts us at odds or in so much agreement its scary." - Lana Volkove