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"Praise Caine, and pass the ammunition."

Sabbat PC

Player: callaghan.usmc@gmail.com
Character: Jack Callaghan
Clan: Ventrue Crusader
Position: Priest, Archbishop
Status: Initiated, Authority, Glorious, Ordained (Archbishop), Ordained (Priest)
Domain: Sacramento - CA-056-D
VST: vengeanceofsamiel@gmail.com

Character Information

Name: Jack Callaghan

Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)

Status: Initiated, Authority, Glorious, Ordained (Archbishop), Ordained (Priest), Battle-Scarred, Resolute

Notable Traits: Callaghan is a big man. Six feet tall and heavily built, he has the threatening quality of a large predator. He is always seen clad in BDUs, body armor, and combat boots, and wearing a bloodstained kaffiyeh. He is also generally bristling with weapons - a massive Desert Eagle, a sawed-off Mossberg, a K-Bar knife, and even a long, menacing stake. He tends to refer to other Cainites, even his packmates, by their last name. It's rare that he doesn't speak with a strict military formality. At the same time, he loves a challenge and presents himself as a man of authority, even in scenarios where he has none. Patience is not his strong suit. Nor is discretion.

Since arriving in Sacramento, he rapidly demonstrated his fearlessness in battle, and his political ambition. Less than six months after arriving, he claimed the seat of Archbishop for himself, and was confirmed at Palla Grande by the Templar to Cardinal Bruce de Guy. Immediately after his Blood Bath, he announced that the Pack structure of the diocese needed to change, ushering in a new era in Sacramento. A nominal Moderate when he arrived, he has been more open in embracing Ultraconservative ideals in recent nights. This led to no shortage of conflict with certain local Loyalists, and even resulted in a Monomacy challenge - one that ended with Callaghan's victory over his Tzimisce foe.

Once a Nomad, since setting down roots in Sacramento he has remained involved in the greater struggles of the Sword of Caine - from helping to take back New York city, to doing battle with Cock Robin in the warrens beneath Jamestown. Obsessively protective of his Pack, he is almost never seen without Salt or Valentina.

Title or Position: Priest of the Midnight Militia, Archbishop of Sacramento


  • He's not the real Callaghan. Another Cainite is controlling him after a diablerie gone wrong
  • He broke up the Highway Hangmen in order to insert the former members into packs with his enemies, allowing him to spy on the diocese at large
  • He has disrespected the Ritae, and Caine has put a voodoo gypsy curse on the Diocese as a result.
  • He is still furious about being challenged in Monomacy, and holds a grudge against those who spurred it on.

Matters of Opinion

Thoughts on the Packs

Midnight Militia:

  • The Midnight Militia are tied together far more tightly than the Highway Hangmen ever were. I will forever cherish my years with my former packmates, but the Militia has the kind of power other packs don't; we could change the entire world. We are all speed and strength and cunning. We are a singular entity in many bodies, composed entirely of sharp teeth and hot lead and red eyes in the darkness. And there is not a force I have yet encountered that could threaten us. We are the bleeding edge of the Sword of Caine, and I will make sure nobody ever forgets it.

Teancum's Javelin

  • Interesting name. Teancum was a Nephite general in the Book of Mormon. According to the tale, he grew incensed by the loss of his soldiers during a war with the wicked Lamanites, and stole into their camp one night. He snuck through their fortress and assassinated their King, Ammoron. He pitched forth his spear, but his blow missed the heart and, while fatal, offered Ammoron enough time to cry out. Teancum was killed by the Lamanites roused by the cry. It is curious that Hyacinth would adopt the name of a suicidal assassin.

Sepulcher Arcana

  • Coming Soon

Ne Conjugare Nobiscum

  • Coming Soon

Pack FTC

  • I guess I took care of this little problem, didn't I?

Thoughts on the Cainites

  • Hyacinth - If there was a single Cainite I would rely on to shepherd this Diocese, it would be him. If there were a single Cainite I expect to plunge a dagger into my back, it would be him. Hyacinth is a remarkable asset and I am certain that he will be a terrific foe should he ever decide to cross me. When that day comes, he won't be bringing mere flames to the table, and it is a credit to him that I am not certain what to prepare for.
    • It looks like he's finally made his move. More than anything, I'm upset that he thinks so little of me. To think that some chump Loyalist could overwhelm me in Monomacy? To think that some "voodoo gypsy curse" was a valid grievance? I'm offended. And I'm not the type to forget easily.
  • Tester - I am the sort of Cainite that tends to formality. I am no stranger to violence. I like to exert control on the people around me. Based on all of these similarities, I expected Tester to be like me. This was a mistake. Tester is certainly unique. I came out of our last conversation with a much better understanding of his character, and significantly more respect and sympathy for his Priest.
  • Valentina - What spectacular power. I have fought Elders, and won. But never have I encountered such a fearsome strength. Even better, it seems to be matched by a keen tactical mind. Valentina and I have not worked together before, but I am certain that she will do tremendous things with the Militia. Our personalities mesh well, but I am concerned about her spiritual well-being; her self-control seems lacking.
    • She is perhaps the mightiest Cainite I have ever known. She was wasted on Nox Arcana. With me, she will be a phenomenon.
  • Suriel - I can't imagine why Valentina has engaged in some kind of feud with him. He seems to be willing to follow orders, and capable of carrying them out. She's got bigger concerns than some Tremere-loving Salubri.
  • Salt - The fact that she will never know her history doesn't make it any less tragic. She'll get her revenge, even if she doesn't know what it's for. Any damn fool can take someone's memories, but they'll learn that taking someone's spirit is a harder thing to accomplish - and Salt has spirit in spades. Between that and her claws, I think she'll be alright.
    • I have never seen such untapped potential. Her growth has been incredible, and she is the glue holding together the Militia. I will destroy anything that seeks to harm her.
  • Wretch - Wretch was really the first one to settle in here. It's not surprising - he's always been the kind of spider that functions best when he has a web. The surprising thing was when he took Bishop. That really changed our dynamic, and made us start pushing for the respect we deserve. The diocese owes him a great deal, for the leadership of the Hangmen.
  • Cassandra Lotus - Lotus and I always saw eye-to-eye. That's pretty impressive, considering I have half a foot on her and she tends to be sifting through entrails to see visions of the future. Sometimes, it can be difficult to reconcile logistics and spirituality. When her visions recommend a course of action that is tactically unsound. Fortunately, I respect Lotus enough to compromise.
  • Adrian Masters - Masters is the first Cainite I met, and one of the best damn soldiers I've had the privilege of working with. I met him the night I was embraced, during the clusterfuck that was the Siege of Atlanta. He's the only son of a bitch I know that can take a punch like I can. I don't pretend I understand his morality though - I tend to point him at the baddest guy around, and that works well enough.
  • Arkady Kincaid - It's going to take a lot, to get me to overlook his Lineage and his former allegiances. The work he's done is helpful, but I'm going to need to see him get bloodied in a fight before I'll really trust him.

Thoughts on the Dead

  • Stone - Oh man. Stone. It was rough to see him go. He was being a damned fool, but he was ALWAYS a damned fool and I never minded that before. You'll be missed, old friend. I'm sure you're making trouble in the afterlife for me.
  • Malcolm - What a factory reject dildo. First, you get all up in my shit because your Packmate is being an idiot. Then you accuse me of disrespecting the Ritae because I hurt your feelings. Then, you tell MY diocese that I have some kinda voodoo gypsy curse from Caine, and you call me out in Monomacy because of it? And when I start kicking your ass, and your little Loyalist buddy decides to interfere to save you, you have the fucking audacity to say "I proved my point"? Fuck you, Malcolm. From the depths of my goddamned heart, you can burn in hell. I wish I could bring you back from the Final Death, so that I could kill your ass again.


  • "I haven't even begun to make my point. Don't back out of the fight now that you're losing, Cainite."
  • "Praise Caine, and pass the ammunition"

OOC Information

Player: Joshua "Manchops" Meredith

Location: Sacramento