Jack Elwyn Giles

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Jack Elwyn Giles
Known to the Sword of Caine

Name: Jack Elwyn Giles
Clan: Lasombra
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Cathari

Pack Devotion: The Ebon Tower, Abbot
*Ductus Lana Klondike, Sire
*Priest Logan Kasamir Jones, Childer
*Kotori "Poe" ShiNoOnna 小鳥 死の女
*Josiah Faust
Physical Description:

Descent to the Abyss


"Mirror can you tell me how to stay forever young? Let me know the secret; I will hold my Twisted Tongue."

Quotes and Rumors about Jack:

  • "My lover; my handsome Jack. He has a deviant brand of... tolerance, if you will. I would never say the man is particularly compassionate. Only polite. His elegance and style also proceed him. As for his fighting style, well... let's just say, you know you've slept with a man for quite some time once his tentacles become accessories for pleasure." -Kotori "Poe" ShiNoOnna 小鳥 死の女
  • "Tsk, tsk...Gentleman Jack, the shadow with a smile. You might intimidate others with your sunken eyes and your stark white grin, but I am forged of far sterner stuff than many of our sect mates.I hold no fear of the dark, little Jack, and soon enough, the time will come when you and I shall together take weight of our measure. I know that my soul will not be found wanting - can you say the same, brother?" - Obedience
  • "Ply your smile one more time at me, Jackie boy, and you and I will have a "conversation" that you will not enjoy. Save you batting eyes for your cathari whore." - Sebastion Delacroix
  • "Oh Jack, my dearest father, you're closer to me than I suspect anyone would realize. Why does your gaze only linger on dear, little Poe? Why must you treat me so cooly in comparison? Is it because you in your depths of knowledge, the strength of your blood, the ages you have seen resent me in my leadership as priest? I hope that you will forgive me then Father, I hope my lessons, arrogant though they may be, will prove useful in deepening your knowledge of being an Albigensian." Logan Kasamir Jones
  • "You are walking a dangerous path Jack, you need to reassess this path and choice if you will ether make amends and survive or not." - Gregory Solomon
  • "Ah, my lovely childe Jack. How lonely these many, many nights would have been without him. He is everything one could want out of their childer, and his cunning guile makes me proud each night when he goes out to stalk the shadows." - Lana Klondike

Song List:

*Kamelot: Elizabeth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ostjZzPN8)

OOC Information

Out of Character Summary
|Clan: Lasombra |Sect: Sabbat |City: Colorado Springs, CO |Player: Steven Madison |VST: Micheal Tann
MES Number: US2014010108

Venue: Plan B