Jack Frost

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Changeling PC

Player: Iria Sokoll
Character: Jack Frost
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Broadback
Court: Dry
Freehold: Freehold of the Phoenix Guard
VST: DMH Changeling VST

The Idear

Name: Jack Frost, The Wombat

Court: Dry (Summer)

Mantle: 2, smells of hot metal and moonshine and, if you're close enough, sweet grass

Notable Traits: He's a wombat that carries around a large - giant, you might say - sloth on a stick. Well, the stick is a naginata, but you can't really see it with the sloth in the way. Jack is size 4.

The Frost Brothers

Folks He May or May Not Know

Von Jagen
Ceili Kennedy
Forrest Frost


  • "So, not that I would ever belittle a Dry Season Courtier...cause well..they kick ass...literally, but he's a Wombat...it's adorable." - Belladonna
  • "The Brothers Frost...so much meaning to those words than one would surmise. What is more dangerous - Jack's Brains or Forrest's Brawn? Frankly I bet on intellect each and every time." - Jacob the Liar
  • "To say he is the other side of the coin from his brother is misleading. Too many people forget that when you speak of two sides of a coin, they are a single object, and thus the second side of the coin can do anything the first side can, since in reality there is no separation. His taste in shirts however, is somewhat dubious." - Biancabella


  • Jack can build a still in under an hour, from damn near anything.
  • He and the sloth are twins.
  • He only drinks Forrest's shine. Nothing else is strong enough.
  • He has a ridiculous crush on Ceili Kennedy.
  • The ancient rust bucket of a Model T that he drives is specked more like the Batmobile.
  • Jack always gets the girl.
  • He once drove his T for three weeks straight on just mountain dew to outrun the coppers.
  • He's been shot so many times he can't walk through metal detectors anymore.
  • The Frost Brothers are wanted in 27 different counties in 42 different states.


John Smith - Thank you, Jesse Robbins.
Jack Bondurant
The ever famous phrase, "Combat Wombat."

OOC Information

Player: Iria Sokoll

MES Number: US2006027408

Location: Phoenix, AZ